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Family Guy: 15 Crazy AF Things That Have Happened

Family Guy is one of those shows on TV that is known for making people mad. The storylines tug and pull at people’s emotions ultimately ticking them off. They have been canceled, banned and forced to ...

Pop Culture

15 Actors Who Should Give Up On Fame

In Hollywood, you’re lucky if fame lasts your lifetime. Not many people are able to make a lifelong career of a profession that is based on mostly looks. For the actors who are former celebrities, it ...


15 Actors Who Went Way Too Far For A Movie Role

Method acting is something that has won many celebrities that coveted Academy Award. It’s a form of acting where the actor stays in character or goes to extremes to give the best performance that they...

Pop Culture

15 Celebrities People Love To Hate

It’s well known that people believe celebrities are fair game when it comes to hate. You can hate a celebrity for any little thing. There will always be someone who jumps on the bandwagon with you jus...

Pop Culture

15 Reality Shows That Are Relateable AF

Reality TV is something that no one likes admitting that they love, let alone can relate to. The idea of watching people’s lives unfold in front of our very eyes is an intoxicating experience. It's li...


16 Reasons Why Living Alone Will F You Up

The day you move out of mom and dad’s house is an experience filled with mixed emotions. You are happy, sad, scared and even expectant you are unaware of what living alone entails. You know the basics...

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