Articles by Kirsten Wesselow

15 Utterly Inexplicable Stock Images


Stock images are a great concept, really. They're always there when you need them for visuals in a presentation, whether it be two girls fighting or a man playing golf, the possibilities seem endless....

15 Real Life Wonder Women


With the release of the trailer for the upcoming film in the DC Comics franchise featuring the female hero, Wonder Woman, we're inspired, to say the least. The famous heroine that has graced childhood...

15 Restaurants Signs That Are Funny AF


While everyone loves the novelty of going out to a good restaurant from time to time, there's no denying that the service industry itself can get kind of dull. Lurking to see if people are ready to or...

15 Most Horrifying Foods For Picky Eaters


We all probably have that one friend who has been unanimously dubbed the "picky eater," because they won't touch anything green, or pretty much anything that falls outside the lines of a "meat and pot...