Articles by Krissie Mick


10 Wild Cats Who Still Believe If I Fits I Sits

Wild cats are so regal and exquisite, it's only natural that we want to admire them. From a safe distance, of course. For those of us who share our homes with felines of the domesticated nature, it mi...


10 Ways To Entertain A Lonely Parakeet

Parakeets just might be the most popular pet bird in North America and even Europe. In fact, parakeets are the third most popular pet in the world, after dogs and cats. Parakeets and Australian budger...


10 Super Easy Crafts You Can Sell On Etsy

If you were the kind of kid who excelled in arts and crafts and loved rainy days because that meant you got to stay indoors and create things, Etsy is like digital manna from online heaven. You can an...