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Pop Culture

The Royal Wedding Was As Cute As Could Be

The big day has come and gone and the British Royal Family is one Duchess richer with the addition of Meghan Markle as the Duchess of Sussex. Markle's love story with her literal Prince is the kind of...

Daily Things

Couple Finds Buried Treasure

Imagine digging in your very own backyard and finding a treasure that would make any self-respecting pirate's rusty heart swell with pride... a true treasure worth about $52,000! Sources say that Matt...


Bindi Irwin Cuddles Kangaroo

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, was born with a love for exotic animals. In fact, her first name comes from her father's favorite female crocodile at the Australia Zo...


ANOTHER Sound Clip Has The Internet Baffled

It seems like just yesterday the world was swept away by the madness of "Laurel or Yanny". Wait a minute... didn't that actually happen just yesterday? Well, anyhow, time continues to move forward and...


Check Out This Viral Puppy Photo Shoot

Carlye Allen and Joy Stone met in college and became fast friends. They stayed friends after college even with life's various (and unavoidably chaotic) milestones and three hours driving distance sepa...


Watch: The Most Polite Cat We Have Ever Seen

Cats are wonderful pets. They can be cuddly and sweet companions but in general, cats are not typically known for being polite. Not that they aren't nice animals but let's face it, cats are pretty muc...

Daily Things

150 Pound Sea Turtle Healthy And Released

The world is now one female loggerhead sea turtle better. Just recently, a female loggerhead sea turtle was released back into the aqua-colored water off the Florida Keys after three months of treatme...


This Woman Is Besties With A Bee

Some people freak out at the mere sight of the fuzzy black and yellow winged-warrior known as the bee. Others don't mind them. Fiona Presly took an entirely different approach when she found a bee in ...


This Patient Dog Waits Everyday For His Person

Is there anyone more grateful or appreciative to us humans than a rescued animal? We don't think so. Case in point: Xiongxiong, a Chow Chow mix who was rescued 8 years ago by his person. Xiongxiong ha...

Daily Things

Robber "Tripped Up" By A Good Samaritan

A grandfather known to us only as "Bill", decided to visit his local library in Columbus, Ohio with his daughter, expecting the only adventures awaiting them to be found in the stories they would read...


This Glue Closes Wounds In Seconds

Imagine a glue that seals wounds that might normally require stitches, and heals skin in just 60 seconds. It sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, doesn't it?

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