Articles by Krissie McMakin


There Is Now A Dachsund Museum In Germany

What's cuter than a weiner dog? If your answer is "absolutely nothing" then you might want to obtain a plane ticket to Germany - stat. Sources say that the "Dackelmuseum" (or Dachsund Museum), dedicat...


Florida Resident Offered Her Car For Necco Wafers

In March, Necco, the New England-based candy company that has provided generations of families with their special circular wafer candies since 1847, made an announcement that 395 of its Revere, Massac...


A Cat With A Disability And An Adorable Face

File this under C for compassion, A for achingly funny, and T for tear-jerker, because this story has it all. Three-year-old Rexie, a domestic shorthaired cat, knew nothing but cruelty and brutal betr...

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