Articles by Kym Edwardes-Evans


15 Times Pokemon GO Fans Won the Internet

At this point, it’s safe to say that Pokémon Go has broken the Internet. It’s impossible to log on to any social media, news, or entertainment site without being bombarded with statuses, images and ar...


15 Epic Geek Weddings

Weddings are (hopefully) a celebration of all the things a couple loves about each other, like kindness, love, and shared bank accounts. They're also an expression of a couple's personalities – the mu...


15 Broken Cats That Just Don't Know How To "Cat"

Anyone who has tried to convince a cat to cuddle when it wants to hunt or tried to talked one into coming down from a wall when it’s determined to catch a bird (to leave as a gift next to your bed, obviously), knows how strong a cat’s personality is.