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Pop Culture

AGT Acrobats Get Tyra's Golden Buzzer

America's favorite summer talent competition show, America's Got Talent, returned Tuesday night and host Tyra Banks has already used her golden buzzer! Die-hard fans will know that the golden buzzer i...


Taylor Swift's Cats Have Become Movie Stars

Taylor Swift is beaming with pride after her two cats made a cameo appearance in Deadpool 2. The R-rated action-comedy starring Ryan Reynolds broke box office records this weekend and is making stars ...

Daily Things

UPS Is Releasing Electric Trucks

UPS just announced that they will be introducing brand new electric delivery trucks. They're super cute too. The trucks will come in their customary brown color and yellow logo but are a bit more deli...

Pop Culture

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Back For Another Season

After it’s upsetting surprise cancellation at Fox, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked up for a sixth season by NBC. The quirky cop comedy was saved less than 24-hours after their series was axed after...


Wrong Dog Picked Up From Groomer

Despite having owned little Nieves since she was a puppy, a dad picked up the wrong family dog from the groomer. The Maltese was getting her fur groomed to perfection at a local PetSmart, but there wa...


Doggo Helps Report The Weather

Meteorology is a finicky science that trips up even the best who take on the job of predicting and reporting our weather. However, you know it's beocme really bad when dogs are having issues with it t...


Golden Chicken Wings Are Available In New York

Chicken wings aren’t known as a classy food that rich people nosh on at fancy parties, but maybe they could be if they were covered in gold! Jonathan Cheban is the self-proclaimed "Foodgōd". He docume...

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