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10 Wild Animals & Their Human Besties

We all know that animals and humans have a long history of making friends, but usually, animal-human friendships stop at critters like cats and dogs (and perhaps the occasional reptile). Some folks, h...


10 Terrifying Animals You Wish Weren't Real

Nature can be beautiful, but it's got a definitive dark side. There are some creatures out there that are made out of pure nope. Here are ten animals you're going to seriously regret knowing about. Happy nightmares!


20 Creative & Unconventional Ways to Eat Pasta

Pasta: if there's any perfect food in this world, that might be it. Loved pretty much universally, pasta is the perennial people pleaser that's a safe bet for pretty much anybody. Sometimes, though, p...


20 Times Kids' Drawings Were Creepy AF

Kids are creative and imaginative little humans. For the most part, this means that they are often delightfully whimsical. At other times, however, they take a turn to the dark side. Do these kids kno...


20 Comics Every Cat Owner Will Totally Get

Webcomics, especially autobiographical webcomics, cover a wide range of topics, but the experience of owning a cat seems to come up time and time again. That's lucky for cat owning readers, who can co...


10 DIY Toys Your Dog Will Go Nuts For

If you have a dog, you know most dogs love one thing more than anything else in the world (second, maybe, to food and you): PLAYING, PLAYING, AND MORE PLAYING! You also know that dog toys can be expen...


Dog Owner Tweets That Are Just Too Relatable

Owning a dog will totally change your world. Imagine having a buddy who thinks you're the best thing that ever happened to the universe, and wants nothing more than to spend all their time with you. T...


This Chef Turns Junk Food Into Gourmet Meals

Instagram is today's go-to place for sharing and viewing culinary adventures. Everyone from professional chefs to your average diner at a restaurant are Instagramming their food, which means anyone on...


Top 10 Veggie-Friendly Meat Substitutes

Meat is not for everybody. Whether you go veggie for ethical reasons or for health reasons, there are lots of folks out there who choose to live a meat-free lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean you h...


The Science Behind Why Your Cat Is An Asshole

Cats: some people love em', some people hate 'em. But even the most devoted cat lover will tell you that cats can, quite frankly, be total assholes sometimes. Here are a number of reasons, according t...

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