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15 GIFS That Show Why Kids Are The Strangest


I think we can all agree that kids are some of the strangest creatures to walk the earth. Between the things they do and the things they say, all of which doesn't make any sense, it's safe to say that...

15 Gifts Every Dog Lover Needs


If you're like me, all your friends know about your obsession with dogs. You probably have a couple of them, stop whenever you see one walking down the street, and right now you're probably reading th...

20 Times Pets Were NOT In The Easter Spirit


Easter is the arguably one of the best holidays. Not only do you get to hunt for chocolate in the backyard, but peeps and Mini Eggs are in abundance and bunny ears are out in full force. With this hol...

20 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are The Best


Let be real, there is nothing better in the world than coming home after a long day to a dog greeting you at the door. Actually—that’s a lie, the best thing in the world is coming home from a long day...