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'Just Friends': 15 Memes That Are Too True


There is a huge debate on whether men and women can actually be friends. Is friendship possible between the sexes or will there always be some sort of unsaid romantic tension? Honestly, this debate wi...

Just 15 Posts That Will Make People Say, "OMG"


Has anyone ever tried counting how many times they said "OMFG" in a day? I literally wouldn't be able to keep count. Aside from curse words, saying 'Oh my god' is just one of those phrases we don't ev...

When You See It... (15 Photos)


These days everyone seems to be crying about how hard life is. Our parents are too strict. Our college loans are too much. Healthy food is more expensive than junk food. We need 20+ years of experienc...

15 Hilarious Posts About Snapchat


Snapchat is one of those apps we love to make fun of. Most of us use it, and it's hard not to use it without adding filters to our images and videos. It's just apart of the app that makes it so entici...

15 Parents Who Are Definitely Getting Unfriended


Some people are blessed to have ridiculously cool parents. However, the definition of cool varies among people. Some think it’s cool for their parents to have a Facebook page, while others think it’s ...

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