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18 Terrifying Sculptures Of Nintendo Characters

Well, here we are. We are not quite sure just why this is a thing but we are going to chat about a number of terrifying sculptures of Nintendo characters. Now, we are pretty confident in believing tha...


20 Video Games Everyone Plays In Jail

It should come as no surprise to anyone in this country that there are people in jail. A pretty high percentage of the nation's population is or has been in a cell at one point or another. It's a pret...


15 Weird Facts About Lois Lane’s Anatomy

There might not be a lot of people out there who really care all that much about the character of Lois Lane but we have to admit, in spite of any sort of decline in popularity, she is a pretty important and very interesting character indeed.


18 Cringiest Redesigns Of PlayStation Characters

This might not come as a particular surprise to many readers here, but there have been quite a few reboots of some pretty special games throughout the years. Now, when we say special we don't necessar...


17 Celebs Reimagined As Pokémon Characters

There are some pretty ridiculous Pokémon out there. We are pretty sure that even the most intense Pokémon fan would agree with us on that one. Just like the most avid promoter of celebrities would eas...

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