Articles by Anthony Leclair

18 Cringiest Redesigns Of PlayStation Characters


This might not come as a particular surprise to many readers here, but there have been quite a few reboots of some pretty special games throughout the years. Now, when we say special we don't necessar...

17 Celebs Reimagined As Pokémon Characters


There are some pretty ridiculous Pokémon out there. We are pretty sure that even the most intense Pokémon fan would agree with us on that one. Just like the most avid promoter of celebrities would eas...

20 Twitch Streamers Who Went Way Too Far


Surely everyone here knows of at least one or two Twitch streamers who have gone a little too far with just how risque or ridiculous they are, which ended up with them being banned from the platform. ...

20 Worst Stories From Female GameStop Employees


Whether it's GameStop or EB Games, video game stores tend to be a very interesting center for all sorts of nutty people with outstanding stories to match those nutty people. Today, we're going to focu...

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