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20 Dishes & Drinks You Can Totally Zucchini-fy

Ahh, zucchini. One of those vegetables we all didn't really know what to do with until zoodles were invented. Now, zucchini is universally known as the king of pasta replacement, but let's not limit i...


20 Ways To Sneak Beets Into Your Recipes

Okay, so these vividly red beets are kinda hard to hide. But they can lend their gorgeous colour and pleasant sweet taste to anything while making it more nutritious to boot. Long perceived as peasant...


15 Times Pets Lost Their Marbles Over Harmless Objects

We all know pets have a tendency to overreact to things. Sometimes it's other pets, or water, or scary sounds. But these fifteen little guys went totally overboard when confronted with some of the most ordinary objects ever. Check it out!


12 Handy Household Uses For Lavender

Few scents are as recognizable as lavender – it has a delicate yet potent fragrance and a plethora of healing and calming properties. It's often used in teas, baking, aromatherapy, perfumes, beauty pr...


14 Fruits You’d Never Expect To Find In A Pie

Pie is delicious, that is an uncontested truth. There's even a holiday made in its honor (well, technically, it celebrates a mathematical constant, but that's a fact I'd rather not dwell on...). I've ...