Articles by Matthew Thomas

15 Little-Known Facts About Futurama


The brainchild of David X. Cohen and Matt Groening, the latter of whom created The Simpsons, when Futurama debuted it is safe to say that millions of people were interested in it. Despite that fact an...

15 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Nick Fury


Even though it seems unlikely that we will ever get a standalone Nick Fury movie, there is no doubt how important the character is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For example, as many fans of that f...

15 Things That Make No Sense About The Walking Dead


As of the time of this writing, The Walking Dead has attained enough success to air nine seasons and the series is confirmed to return for a tenth go around in the coming year. If that wasn’t impressi...

15 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mysterio


For several decades now, Mysterio has been one of Spider-Man’s most notable foes. That said, with his big screen debut in Spider-Man Far From Home, the character’s profile is higher than ever. Thankfu...

15 Things That Make No Sense About Sons of Anarchy


Due to the fact that so many modern TV shows are fantastic, it can be really hard for some fantastic series to stand out. Despite all of the amazing television dramas that Sons of Anarchy competed wit...

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