Articles by Megan Walter


Learn To Make DIY Easter Egg Dye & Paint Your Own Easter Eggs

Hey friends, the hoppiest day of the year is almost here! Yep, that is right, Easter is just around the corner and there is no time to delay on decorations. My favourite Easter decoration of all is painted Easter eggs and why not paint your own.


Make A DIY Travel Scrapbook Of Your Favourite Trip

If you have ever been on a really memorable vacation or trip you know how hard it is to explain your experience to friends and family when you get home. I recently got back from visiting New Zealand a...


Make Your Own All-Natural Facial Toner Wipes

Last week I got on a plane to fly over the Pacific and landed in Sydney, Australia. My first flight was between Toronto and Vancouver and lasted 5 hours. Not so bad. My second flight was 15 hours... I...


DIY Holiday Home Decorations: Christmas In A Vase

So a few months ago I moved into a new apartment with my partner. It is a pretty nice place, very open and bright with modern furniture and a cute living room rug. However, we still don't have many de...

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