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15 Starbucks Name Fails

Just like doctors have become known for their terrible handwriting, baristas have become known for their terrible spelling. In either case, these folks need to go back to third grade English class to ...


15 People Who Play By Their Own Damn Rules

Some people were born to follow the rules. They color within the lines. They never exceed the speed limit. They obey Newton's third law of motion and react in a manner that is equal and opposite to th...


15 Idiots Who Just Didn't Get It

In case anyone hadn't noticed, the Internet is filled with frivolous content. People on the Web tend to make jokes. A lot. Sometimes they're sarcastic, sometimes they're satirical, sometimes they're c...

Pop Culture

15 Hilarious Times Celebs Photobombed Us Mortals

Rabid fans are always trying to get their favorite celebrities to take photos with them, often to the chagrin of stars who just want to be left alone while they're eating dinner with their family or taking a dump in a public restroom.

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