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Tips For Walking A Dog In A Heatwave


Just because your dog is happy to go for a walk come rain or shine, it doesn’t mean they are actively aware of how the weather might affect them. With temperatures soaring in the summer, it’s importan...

Duck Mom Stands By While Her Babies Are Rescued


A concerned duck mom in California supervised the police while they rescued her babies from a drain pipe. The officers, who posted videos of the rescue to Twitter, joked that Mama Duck was "quite the ...

This Man Looks Just Like The Chef From Ratatouille


They say everyone has a twin, yet most of us expect our twins to be human doppelgängers. In the case of Joshua Carpenter-Jones, a 19-year-old student at Havant & South Downs College in the UK, how...

This Cat Despises Salt And Vinegar Chips


Cats aren’t especially known for their obedience so it was no surprise that after Philadelphia native Julianna Madison, 18, told her cat, Missy, that she wasn’t going to like the chip in her hand, she...

Spotted A Dog In A Hot Car? Here's What To Do


As temperatures start to soar in summer, we will undoubtedly hear more horror stories of dogs locked in hot cars. The risk of heatstroke and even death in these cases is very real, therefore, it is im...

Give Old Furniture A Makeover With Contact Paper


If you have an old piece of furniture that you’d like to refurbish but don’t want to bother painting it, consider contact paper. Given the wide array of designs, colors, and styles available for conta...

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