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20 People Who Are Sorely Mistaken


You can't be right all of the time—believe us, we've tried. But even though you can't always be correct, that doesn't mean you have to be incorrect. There are varying degrees of inaccuracy. You can be...

20 People Who Are An Absolute Gift To Snapchat


A lot of people think social media will be the downfall of mankind, but that's only because they've chosen to focus on the negative. Don't get us wrong, we've seen our fair share of poppycockery on Fa...

15 People Who Got Ripped The Heck Off


Ever buy one of those as seen on TV products? They always sound so amazing, and the announcer guy is always so chipper and persuasive, but when it arrives in the mail, it's inevitably a piece of junk.

15 People Who Are Quirky Beyond Words


Do you ever wake up with a craving? Like, for whatever reason, you want lasagna, even though you don't even like it all that much. And, it doesn't necessarily have to be a food craving, either. You mi...

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