Articles by Nathan P. Gibson


18 Glaring Issues Destiny 2 Is Slowly Fixing

There was a huge amount of anticipation when Bungie split with Microsoft in 2007. They had become one of the most trusted developers thanks to their work on the Halo franchise and so when it was revea...


20 Characters DC Comics Just Gave Up On

The DC universe is filled with hundreds and hundreds of characters. The company was founded some 85 years ago in 1934 so they have a huge collection of source material that comprises every era of comi...


Ranking Pikachu’s 20 Most Useless Abilities

Pikachu has served as Pokémon’s mascot for more than 20 years, but just because it is the most popular creature from the series doesn’t necessarily mean it is the strongest or best fighter. There are ...


These 20 Custom Xboxes Are…Really Something

Gaming consoles have evolved massively over the last few decades. Modern examples are sleek pieces of hardware that don’t look out of place in a stylish living room or bedroom. The Xbox One is no exce...