Articles by Rebecca Knauss

10 Dumb Burglars Who Should Consider a New Career


Crime happens every day as we hear on the news about the latest heist or new round of neighborhood break-ins. It can be scary, and understandably so, as the media portrays what happens in the worst po...

10 Face Swaps That Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong


We have all heard of apps that swap faces, but the once fun and entertaining nature of it has turned for the worst. People have begun to create disturbing images by swapping faces with children, anima...

10 Videos To Entertain Your Dog While You're Away


Anyone who owns a dog knows how stressful it can be to leave their pet at home. We are constantly worried about what they might destroy or if they are being too loud, but most of all we are concerned ...

Which Latte Art Are You Based on Your MBTI?


Latte art is the new trend taking the coffee world by storm. People just crave the cute images baristas have learned to create atop cups of coffee. Designing images from a single mixture of cream and ...

10 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Daily Things

You have downloaded a Bitcoin wallet, stocked full with the Bitcoins you recently acquired. They are burning a hole in your virtual wallet, begging to be spent on something you definitely don't need, ...

9 Videos That Will Capture Your Cat's Attention


Crazy cat ladies are everywhere, funding the market of cat memorabilia and unnecessary cat items, but you don't have to be crazy to make your cat watch these videos. Cats need stimulation, whether it'...

10 Creative Ways to Make A DIY Fidget Spinner


Bored in class? Nothing to do at work? Looking for a distraction? You need a fidget spinner. A tiny toy you can hold between two fingers and spin, a functional distraction device. It is said they can ...

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