Articles by Reza Lokman


16 Boyfriends Who Are About To Become Single

Relationships can be tough for anyone, no matter if you’re new to being in a long-term commitment or if you’ve had a few unsuccessful ones and are still trying to find “the one.” Every couple has thei...


17 Mini Cosplayers That Make Our Hearts Melt

These days, cosplayers seem to be everywhere; comic conventions, anime festivals, movie premieres, etc. There’s no shortage of creative individuals who’ve constructed amazing DIY costumes out of nothi...


15 Funny Pranks That Never Cease To Amaze

With April 1st fast approaching, it’s time to prepare yourselves to prank or be pranked. Every year, pranksters around the world never cease to amaze us with the level of cleverness, creativity and cr...


20 People Who Are Living Their Best Life

No matter how hard some people try, not all of them are going to end up being the next Elon Musk or Richard Branson. But you know what? For some of us, wealth and power aren’t everything. It’s all abo...

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