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16 Retweets That Won The Comments Awards


Sometimes a great tweet is a meal and sometimes it’s just an ingredient. By that, I mean a tweet can be a finished product and hilarious on its own, but sometimes a tweet doesn’t know its own perfecti...

15 Times People Cried Real Tears


The line is really blurred between Internet life and real life. It’s like how adults would refer to the real world when you were in middle school; isn’t school the real world, too? (Also, that was mos...

15 Times Internet Trolls Got Bieber Fever


Trolling Justin Bieber isn’t difficult. Ask any infant, fairly bright dog, or multi-celled organism, and they’ll tell you — there's plenty to make fun of. There’s his behavior, especially when it’s in...

15 Hilarious Eminem Memes As Good As Mom's Spaghetti


We wouldn’t think that someone impervious to age who’s known for almost never making an expression would be the fodder for countless amazing memes, and yet… here we are. We're about to embark on a lis...

15 Fans That Are So Dead Wrong, They're Right


Look, I get it, there’s a lot of people in the world and we can’t always tell them apart. Not just the guy we introduced ourselves to at a party and received a cold fishy stare from (meaning we've mos...

15 Hilarious People Who Found Their Lobsters


People are ridiculous on their own. Sure, human beings are the most potentially dangerous species, along with being the most intelligent, but we’re also the most ridiculous species. My point is that w...

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