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18 Fashion Mishaps That Resulted In Comedic Gold

We live in a society that requires everyone to wear clothes, which for the most part, I think is a good thing considering we need clothes to stay warm and we can also use them to show off our sense of...


18 Hilarious Parents Who Have Zero Chill

Parents: we dislike them sometimes but we can't deny that without them, we wouldn't exist. For the majority of our lives, parents have been there to raise us, scold us, and most often, embarrass the h...


17 Snapchat Stories From IKEA That Never Get Old

IKEA may just look like your normal furniture superstore on the outside, but that's only hitting the surface of what IKEA truly is. Not only does the furniture come in parts you have to put together y...


15 Times Camo Turned Into Ca-Nooooo

Everyone's got their own sense of style, but that doesn't mean that it has to be considered to be good. In high school I would wear both plaid and cheetah print in the same outfit —while it may have b...


Accio Brand New 'Harry Potter' Memes! (20 Photos)

It's been a good while since the original Harry Potter film has ended, but even as the years go by, the fandom still stays strong. It might be because these books are a cultural touchstone that will o...


15 Completely Unnecessary Amazon Products

With Amazon, getting anything that we ever wanted in just two days (or less) is now possible with just a mere click of a button. From groceries to a month's worth of toilet paper, clothes, or oddly sp...

Pop Culture

15 Reasons Why We're Over 'Riverdale'

I have to admit, I'm addicted to Riverdale, but while I can't stop getting excited for each new episode to find out what happens next, I also hate every moment that I'm watching this show. I find myse...

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