Articles by Renée Millette


15 Memes That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

As human beings, most of us try to appear like quality members of society on the day to day. Most of us shower regularly, wear clean clothes, and we eat salads in public. The thing is is that once the...


15 Subtitle Fails That Ended In Absolute Hilarity

Not everyone watches television with the closed captioning on, since they might be able to hear it just fine, or don’t want some unsightly words messing up the picture. That’s all well and good but so...


15 Hilarious Times Netflix's Twitter Game Was FIRE

At the start, Netflix was just a weird DVD mail service that my friend's parents subscribed to, but now it's a site where you can pay like, $10 a month and get mostly all of your favorite shows and mo...


15 People Who Are Forever Alone

Being in a relationship can be hard, but I wouldn't know anything about that. I'm one of the many people in the world who are cursed with Single AF Syndrome, which means that we're chronically single ...

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