Articles by Riley Morales

This Is What Overreaction Looks Like (15 Photos)


Let’s face it, humans have a tendency to overreact. Don’t believe me? Well, do you remember the last time you stubbed your toe? Did you say to yourself, “Ow, that was silly of me to walk into an inani...

15 Clever People Who Are Living In The Year 3017


Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, these are all modern-day geniuses that don’t hold a stick to the 15 individuals you’ll see below. I’m dead serious. The persons we’ve identifie...

15 Shameful People Who Need The Cops Called On Them


There's good, there's bad, and then there's just plain evil. Not evil evil like the Devil, dark practices of witchcraft, or Voldemort. No, the evil of which I speak hides in plain sight. I'm talking a...