Articles by Rima Pundir

15 DIY Lego Projects You Have To Try


Lego bricks are one treasure nobody wants to just give away (though parents who constantly step on them may feel differently). While you can donate them to charity, sometimes the best way to use Legos...

15 Children's Toys That Are Epic Fails


There are good toys and there are bad toys, right? The good toys are mostly indestructible and are reached for pretty often, while the bad ones are too easily broken or simply do not hold a kid’s inte...

12 Real Fruit Cocktails You Can Make In No Time


Come summer, everyone loves a fruity drink, boozy or virgin. While it’s easiest to reach for those canned fruits and flavored syrups, it’s the real and fresh fruit drinks that will make you the hostes...

10 Kitschy Ways To Use Old Tires In Your Garden


They say it takes more than 30,000 years for nature to recycle and break down a tire—and even then, rubber hardly makes for nutritive compost! So instead of dumping the old tires at the mechanic or at...

10 Creative DIY Projects To Reuse Plastic Bottles


Plastic bottles are perhaps the bane of this century. And yet, the literal soda pop culture of today ensures we have a steady supply of these at home. So, what’s a girl to do? With the bottles, that i...

10 DIY Ways To Reuse Broken Or Old Toys


There’s nothing more forlorn than a broken toy with a teary child in tow—truly a cringe-worthy moment for any parent or caregiver. We all want our children happy all the time, while at the same time t...