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15 Things To Watch On Netflix In November

The month of November is all about fall, meaning that the weather turns colder, it even starts snowing in some places, and there's nothing like spending more time at home in our fuzzy pajamas, curled ...


15 Perfectly Timed Photos You Need To See

For most of us, taking a photo is just about remembering specific moments in time, such as how our cute our cats looked while sleeping, how our amazing meals looked before we devoured them, how our ki...

Pop Culture

The 15 Scariest Clowns In Movies And On TV

Although clowns were once the staple of children's birthday parties with their white faces and happy smiles, they've become something far more sinister in recent years. Every neighborhood in the U.S. ...


15 Reasons To Visit Disneyland For Halloween

Disneyland is already a place of wonderment and fun, but the theme park kicks things up a notch for the holiday season. But the holidays don't just begin with Thanksgiving. At Disneyland, the holidays...

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15 TV Fan Theories That Change Everything

Some TV shows lend themselves well to conspiracy theories, especially among fans who might question exactly what's going on. Series such as Lost, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Gotham, and eve...

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