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18 Memes For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Fall

It's that time of the year again: summer starts winding down and the weather feels a little cooler. Mornings have a briskness in the air and pumpkin candles, food, and drinks begin turning up pretty m...

Pop Culture

15 Celebrities Who Have Embraced Cosplay

As cosplay becomes more and more mainstream, everyone seems to want to jump on board the costuming train. Comic cons have become full of people in costume, many who only recently discovered the joy of...


15 Of The World's Scariest Haunted Houses

It's almost that time of the year: that time when summer starts winding down, kids go back to school, temperatures begin to cool, and pumpkin spice everything hits store shelves. It's also when we sta...


15 Reasons Your Cat Thinks You're Weird

As many of us have figured out, cats are by far a more superior species than humans, at least in their own minds. But the cuddly felines still decided to keep us around as domestic companions, even th...


15 Store Advertisement Fails

Although many of us never actually even notice most in-store advertisements, especially in those stores that tack ads up everywhere there's a blank retail space, there are times when certain ads stand...


15 Life-Changing Netflix Hacks You Need To Know

This year, the inevitable happened: Netflix raised its rates for its online subscription streaming service. Those rates affected around 17 million users of the service, who suddenly found themselves w...


15 Annoying Struggles Extroverts Face Daily

It seems that everyone finds themselves worried about the struggles of introverts, what with all the memes and articles about how introverts constantly battle themselves in an attempt to fit into soci...


15 Celebrities Obsessed With Pokémon GO

It seems like everyone loves playing Pokémon GO. After the mobile game released, millions of people got off their couches and out into the world, all in search for rare Pokémon to add to their virtual...

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