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15 Adorably Funny Dogs Who Are Practically Cats


Everyone knows that dogs and cats are different animals. But sometimes they act like each other. It's rather adorable when dogs act like cats or cats act like dogs. We expect cats to sit in boxes or l...

20 Photos That Are Just Begging To Be Explained


The world is a wonderful and strange place. From adorable but odd animals to unexplained photos of people from history, we can find quite a lot of photos that require some explanation. We can't always...

15 Posts That Give Us All The Feels


Sometimes the internet really comes through and gives us hope for the future. We are so bitter and jaded about the world after we read the news or see how drama plays out in the real world that findin...

15 People Who Make Us Bitter About Technology


Look, technology is awesome. We love our smartphones and laptops as much as anyone else. And modern conveniences like toasters, fridges and washing machines make life so much easier. But technology ca...

15 Boyfriends Who Just Think They're *So* Funny


Having a boyfriend sounds great at first. But the reality of dating a guy rears its ugly head soon enough. Boyfriends have the horrible habit of thinking they are hilarious, even when it is the furthe...

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