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15 Things We Miss Most About Being Kids

Ah, the good ol' days of no responsibilities. It sure was nice to be a kid. Now, as an adult, we miss the days where we got away with everything, everything could be fun, there were bigger people arou...


15 Sneaky Dogs Caught In The Act Of Food-Swiping

You do it to your besties when they’re not looking (why didn’t you just order your own fries?) so you shouldn’t be surprised when your furry friend does it to you! Sometimes you get caught, sometimes ...


15 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

You have been ohhing and awwing over 'adorable puppies and kittens' all weekend and have come to the conclusion that you simply must have one, now. You start goggling adoption and rescue centres in yo...


20 Photos Of Cats Acting Like Humans

Cats have personalities, and they don’t hide them! That’s what makes them such awesome pets, and so full of character. Every single day is an adventure into the unknown and the hilarious. You never kn...


15 Reasons Your Dog Is Like Your Child

"Fur baby," "four-legged child," grand puppy." The terminology for dogs has morphed into evidence that pups are far more than just pets or even loosely-related family members. No, pups can now be easi...