Articles by Shae K


Who Needs a Metronome When You Have This Cat?

Anyone who has been around cats knows there's a reason why we have the term, "scaredy cat." Cats get freaked out about the weirdest things. It could be the most mundane, static object, and it could su...


Watch: Refugee Cat Reunited With Family

Kunkush is a beloved pet of an Iraqi family. When they fled the country, they could not bear the thought of leaving their furry family member behind, so they brought the little white cat along with th...


Watch: Momma Dog Reunited With Her Puppies

Little Cora was one of the two terrified dogs who were surrendered to the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California. A quick examination of Cora revealed that she had recently given birth to a litter...


Silly Dog Refuses to Give Up a Baby Pacifier

Meet Max, a Golden Retriever who believes he is a human baby! In an attempt to fool his human, Max picked up a baby's pacifier to impersonate one of her fur-less children. Unfortunately for Max, his m...

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