Articles by Stephanie Marceau

15 Innocent Games The Internet Totally Ruined


Video games have become a huge part of our culture. They can be shooters, but they can also be puzzles, platformers, story-driven, rogue-likes, or more. The market has a game for anyone and everyone. ...

8 Movies Keanu Reeves Ruined (And 12 He Saved)


With the John Wick franchise, Keanu Reeves has skyrocketed his career, becoming one of the most popular action stars in film right now. This isn't his first time headlining a major action movie, thoug...

30 Things That Don't Make Sense About Shameless


About nine years ago, a popular British series became an American hit. No, not The Office. The other one. Shameless has been digging into the lives of the troubled, impoverished Gallagher family since...