Articles by Steph Coelho

15 Satisfying Times Shamers Got Shut Down


Is there anything more satisfying than when nasty people get shut down on the Internet for everyone to see? I definitely love seeing shamers of all types get their butts handed to them in public.

15 Secrets From Disney Park Employees


I've never visited a Disney park in my life. I don't feel too broken up about it. I don't feel like I missed out on anything as a kid. I probably wouldn't have remembered much of it anyhow. But as an ...

15 Awful Tweets Celebs Want Buried Forever

Pop Culture

Here's the thing, you can't edit tweets. So if you say something stupid, make a typo, or write something that you realize is false later on, you can't just click 'edit' and fix things. Instead, you ca...

15 Dogs That Are More Together Than You Are


Listen, life can be hard. Being a person who has things together for real is extremely difficult. Most of the time, the people who seem to be winning at life are at least lying a little harder than th...

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