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15 Women Who Actually Agreed To Date John Mayer

He may be a musical sensation, but John Mayer is also quite the heartbreaker. He has won over many hearts, but also broke many of them, and you may be wondering “how?” Yes, Mayer has dated some of the hottest ladies in Hollywood.

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20 Dark Secrets Behind Disney Parks

Disney is the one place in the world that can turn a frown upside down in an instant! Known as the Happiest Place on Earth, where all is magical, Disney World and Disneyland parks receive over a billi...

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20 Famous People Who Live Off The Grid

We have this notion that all celebrities go gaga for being in the spotlight, but some huge A-listers rather be low-key. To our dismay, many singers and actors prefer living life like they did before t...


25 Pics Of The Vampire Diaries Cast In Real Life

Who knew vampires could be so good-looking? Every single actor and actress in that series outshines us – both literally and figuratively. Since The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, we have been dealing ...

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25 Of The Rarest Photos Of Steve Irwin

The brave man who coined the term “crikey” and made us all sit at the edge of our seats while watching him with wild animals, has left our lives for over a decade now. Our lives have been quite empty ...

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20 Photos Of Courteney Cox In 2019

If you’re a 90s baby, chances are you grew up giggling with the cast of Friends, while falling in love with the dark-haired Monica Gellar. Providing us with endless laughs and tons of moments, the cla...