Articles by Taylor Hodgkins


20 Wild Revelations About Walter White's Anatomy

Whether it's the first viewing or the fiftieth viewing, when the opening credits of Breaking Bad fill the screen, fans immediately sense they're watching a unique TV show and they are about to join a ...


Sister Wives: 15 Secrets TLC Tried To Bury

For many, it takes a village to raise a family and make sure every member is accounted for, but the idea of looking after and keeping track of a family member's individual needs seems to disappear whe...


20 Secrets That Hurt The Twilight Films

In a galaxy far, far, away (actually more like a decade ago), it was difficult for the world to think of a more popular culture sensation than the Twilight film franchise! Adapted from the wildly succ...


20 Dark Secrets The Duggar Family Won't Air On TV

Imagine having a family fit for the largest dinner table ever sat, and then take a second to imagine being the subject of discussion among the dinner tables of countless strangers around the world; we...