Articles by Taryn Brooke


15 People Who Are Having The Worst Summer Ever

Ah, summertime. The most beautiful time of the year. There’s the gorgeous weather, the beautiful oceans, the warm sand, and the refreshing swimming pools — what’s not to love? Well, you’d be surprised...


15 Posts That Will Keep You Woke AF

The amount of useless things posted on the Internet everyday is unfathomable. Nevertheless, with all of the utter nonsense that is posted daily, you are bound to stumble across a hidden gem that will ...


15 Of The Most Savage Acts Of Sarcasm

We like to consider ourselves as being bilingual, in that we are fluent in both English and sarcasm. Some even consider sarcasm to be an art form. It takes skill to understand it and even greater skil...


15 Evil Geniuses Who Got The Best Revenge

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." No, let’s try a different one. "Don’t get mad, get even." Whichever one you prefer, these old adages have never held truer. Vengeance is always much more satisfyi...

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