Articles by Te-Erika Patterson


20 Hideous Prom Dress Fails

Prom season is a rite of passage for some and a nuisance for others. You can either make the best of it and create a memory that will last forever or make fun of this social ritual and go down in hist...


15 Signs Your Son Is Your Best Friend

Some women are so good at parenting that they wind up raising a child that becomes everything they wished they could be. When you look at your son and you think, "I am so glad you were born," it's a g...


12 Signs You're the Strictest Mom On The Block

Being a mom isn't just a title—it's a duty. In order to be a great mom, you must prepare your children for this cold, hard world by being uncompromising, tough, and firm. But are you a little too strict? These 12 signs might be your wake up call.


19 Things Only Single Moms Will Understand

Being a single mom is like having two full-time jobs on top of the one that actually earns you income. Once you accept the fact that you are raising children without the help of a spouse, you learn ho...


20 Hilarious Detention Slips

Every generation has its own version of hijinks, but these kids who received detention slips for the most hilarious reasons, are in a different class all by themselves (figuratively and quite literally). Here are 20 hilarious detention slips.