Articles by Tyler Hargett


9 Movies John Travolta Ruined (And 10 He Saved)

John Travolta may not be the box office heartthrob he used to be, but this doesn't mean he hasn't continued to turn out some great performances over the years. After spending several films singing, da...


14 Movies Nicolas Cage Ruined (And 6 He Saved)

Nicolas Cage has certainly had an...interesting career. First appearing in 1982's Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cage began acting in various genres, but his presence hadn't yet obtained worldwide noto...


15 Actors Who Were Abandoned By Marvel

Many actors have had a great relationship with Marvel (particularly those involved with the MCU...for the most part), but like other film companies, some business relationships don't work out.


15 DC Characters Who Could Easily Defeat Thanos

Thanos has proven himself to be one of Marvel's most powerful villains, both onscreen and in the pages of comics. Besides already being one of the universe's strongest beings, his acquisition of the I...