Articles by Veronica Chavez


15 Strangest Mug Shots To Ever Possibly Exist

Over a lifetime, humans accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of themselves. Some of these are selfies, some are taken by friends, some are shot by a school photographer and some are t...


18 Times Dogs Were Just Too Good For Us

Humans, by design, are flawed. We get jealous and lose our tempers, sometimes to the point of the war. We create and entrap ourselves in systems of oppression and competition. And sadly, we get so swe...


15 People Who Are Best Friend Goals

There's nothing like finding someone who totally gets you. They understand your quirks, they have the same sense of humor as you, they always have your back and you can't help but fall in love with th...


15 Parents Who Deserve An Award For Trolling

Being a parent can be so rewarding. You get to see a tiny human start from literally nothing and blossom into a walking-breathing person with likes, dislikes and everything in between. You get to gent...

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