Articles by Michael Weyer

20 Fan-Made Controllers That Make No Sense


For years, gamers have loved to modify their controllers to stand out from the pack. When game consoles put out so many controllers, fans want something that feels personalized and really works for th...

20 Nintendo Games We Used To Play That Suck Today


Nintendo was the first company to emerge from the “great video game crash” of the 1980s to get the industry back on track. The NES was a must-own system and since then, Nintendo has paved the way for ...

The 15 Hottest Video Game Ladies of the 1990s


The 1990s were a time of change for the video game industry. Thanks to huge advances, games were no longer just pixels, surprisingly realistic thanks to 3D models. That was especially true for the wom...

20 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys That Went Too Far


The Happy Meal came to be in the late 1970s as McDonald’s realized offering a “kids’ meal” could be a nice touch to set them apart. As it became popular, McDonald’s began adding in toys for the meal. ...

25 Weird Facts About Princess Peach's Anatomy


Among the iconic faces of Nintendo, Princess Peach is one of the oldest and most popular. At first, she was just the “damsel in distress” Mario had to rescue in the inaugural Super Mario Bros. game (a...

20 Nintendo Heroes Cosplayed By Women


Few sources of media inspire cosplay more than video games. And few video game companies inspire more than Nintendo. As one of the oldest and most successful game companies on the planet, Nintendo has...