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20 Video Game Characters Based On Real People

Scores of voice actors now not only provide vocal work but also motion capture so they look just like their video game characters. Yvonne Strahvoski in Mass Effect 2, Kristen Bell in Assassin’s Creed,...


20 Action Movie Toys That Make No Sense

The idea of action figures as movie tie-ins dates back to the 1970s and it was mild for some time. That all changed in 1978 when Kenner’s Star Wars figures became the biggest selling toys of all time....


20 Weirdest Transformers Toys Ever Made

Transformers has long relied on one of the best concepts for a toy a kid can ask for: a robot that can change into another vehicle. For over 35 years, the battle of the Autobots and Decepticons has en...


20 Leaks That Ruined Gaming's Biggest Reveals

Once upon a time, game companies were able to keep secrets tightly under wraps even after the game was released. Today, the revelation that Metroid’s Samus was a woman would have been all over social ...


20 Marvel Heroes Reimagined As Villains

One of the best parts of the Marvel Universe is their plethora of alternate worlds. For years, What If was a terrific series that gave writers free reign to go wild on how characters could be vastly d...


20 Gender-Bent Fan Castings Of Marvel Characters

The “gender-bending” subset of fandom has become a major part of geek culture. At various conventions, fans love to do gender-bending cosplay of characters from movies, TV shows, and comics . It’s mov...


20 Weirdest G.I. Joe Figures Ever Made

In 1982, G.I. Joe paved the way for many of the cartoon/action figure franchises of the decade. Hasbro was making a mint off the sales of the figures as the military force tackled evil organization Co...


20 Things About Spider-Man PS4 That Make No Sense

One of the biggest hits of 2018 was easily Insomniac’s Spider-Man. This PS4 exclusive quickly won massive critical praise as comic book fans hailed it as not just the best Spider-Man game ever but one...


20 Comics Deaths Reversed Because Of Fan Backlash

Comic book fans have learned to take any “death” with more than a grain of salt. As soon as a character is bumped off, fans are wondering “how long until they come back?” Indeed, many major comic book...


20 Characters Marvel Comics Just Gave Up On

Over the decades, Marvel Comics has given fans some fantastic characters. Many of them are mainstream names to non-comic fans and have made Marvel tops in entertainment. However, there have been just ...


20 Celebrities Reimagined As MCU Heroes

Right now, the MCU is the biggest franchise in cinema. They have a proven track record for box office hits and have attracted scores of huge stars to the property. As Phase 4 is set to begin, expectat...


20 Problems With Mario Nintendo Keeps Ignoring

There are some characters so famous that even people who have never played a video game know who they are. Mario is one of them. He was featured in some early games like Donkey Kong and got attention....

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