Articles by Jassy


20 Strange Places Where Cats Have Fallen Asleep

It is a well known fact that cats are weird. They are most likely creatures from outer space that accidentally landed on Earth because they were too busy napping to steer their cat spaceship. Luckily,...


19 Kittens in Kimonos Because Why the F Not?

Japan has given us countless amazing trends, such as sushi, ramen, Hello Kitty, Nintendo and many others. Cats dressing up in Kimonos is the latest, and probably most adorable trend that is blowing up...


23 Painfully Adorable Dogs in Ugly Sweaters

Once upon a time, life used to be simple for a dog. Going out meant a simple brush of the fur or, at most, a fancy hair appointment at the groomer's. Then, one day, a wave of dog clothing stores start...