Avengers: What The Cast Looked Like In The First Move Vs. Now

With 23 feature films spanning across 11 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most successful film franchises of all time. Ranging from Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and ultimately The Avengers, some of the most memorable movie moments and characters have come out of this series. By bringing some of the most beloved comic book characters to life, the MCU has developed and grown alongside many of its fans.

If a fan saw Iron Man in 2008 when they were young, they have also grown up alongside the series. After a decade, there have been some major changes to the actors and characters that make up this universe. People have aged, changed and even been re-introduced over the years in front of fans' eyes. The question is, has everyone noticed all of the changes?

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13 Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man

As the longest running MCU actor, Robert Downey Jr. has seen the most changes over the years. However, since he first took the role Tony Stark at 43 years old, it is not as though he has grown up during The Avengers' run on the silver screen.

The great thing that fans have been able to witness on their screens has been the renaissance of RDJ's career. Prior to him joining the MCU, he had undergone years of legal troubles. Thankfully he has come around and a whole new generation of fans were able to witness his transportation into the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist known as Tony Stark.

12 Chris Evans - Captain America

The clean-cut nature of Chris Evans' Steve Rogers has never really altered. It has always been the same "all-American, good boy" who once said "language" to thwart his team mates from cursing. However, Endgame did see a big physical transformation for Captain America.

Following their use of time travel, Rogers discovered he could finally return to the life he had prior to being cryogenically frozen. While MCU fans only saw a few moments without Cap, he was transformed into an elderly man who lived his life alongside Jane Carter. However, he likely suffered from a severe case of old-man strength through the rest of his life.

11 Chris Hemsworth - Thor

One thing was always for sure when it came to Thor - fans could always count on him to be a hulking mass, and a god among men. However, Endgame gave fans a Thor they were not expecting. It was one who had seen the bottom of too many Krispy Kreme boxes.

Affectionately known as Fat Thor, Chris Hemsworth allegedly enjoyed this version of Thor the most and lobbied for him to be included throughout the latest film installment. This overweight version of Thor was certainly the funniest portrayal fans had seen, and was a big departure from his first film in 2011.

10 Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow

The iconic looks of most of the Avengers have remained fairly intact throughout the MCU thus far. Apart from Thor cutting his hair, the heroes have looked relatively the same, apart from Natasha Romonoff.

Scarlett Johansson's ever-changing look from her first appearance in Iron Man 2 all the way until Endgame has always had fans guessing. Now with a standalone Black Widow prequel-movie on the horizon, fans are wondering how Natasha will show up in the past.

9 Edward Norton/Mark Ruffalo - The Hulk

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As the only original Avenger to have a one-and-done solo film, The Hulk has become second fiddle to some of his Avenger counterparts. Since his appearance in The Avengers, fans picture Mark Ruffalo as the one who is "always angry". However, fans that did see that standalone film know that he used to look very different.

The first Dr. Bruce Banner under the MCU banner was Academy Award nominated actor Edward Norton. However, he was recast with Ruffalo following his 2008 film appearance. While neither of the parties have never given a sure-fire reason for the casting change, rumors point to Norton being un-collaborative with the rest of the group.

8 Chris Pratt - Starlord

Chris Pratt's transformation into Peter Quill was what initially made headlines during his casting. The formerly pudgy funny-man was not known as an action star, but he put time in the gym to get into shape for his first role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

By the time fans saw him in Endgame, Quill has actually lost some of that muscle mass. Pratt even joked about his body transformation in previous films where he said he was "going to get back to the gym". Perhaps standing next to Chris Hemsworth can make anyone feel self-conscious.

7 Tom Hiddleston - Loki

As the first "big bad" that The Avengers had to face together, Loki has made his rounds through the MCU. In fact, he has switched sides more than anyone else around. Through all of his travels, Loki has not only altered his personality, but also his appearance.

His once slicked-back, buttoned-down villain look became much less well-put together as time went on. After moving around from group to group, Loki lost that slickness and became much more disheveled.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow - Pepper Potts

There were plenty of Phase One love interests that were introduced in the MCU, but only one has stuck around. Pepper Potts was not only able to cling to her spot as Tony Stark's love interest, but she was also able to grow as a character over time.

By the time fans saw Potts in Endgame she had moved on from being a mild-mannered businesswoman. In fact, she had succeeded in becoming an active heroic member of the group, and was eventually gifted with her own suit of armor. If anyone had pegged Pepper Potts as one of the women who would lead that charge against Thanos, most fans would have called them crazy.

5 Terrance Howard/Don Cheadle - James Rhodes

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In another case of the MCU recasting a role, Colonel James Rhodes has changed significantly since his first appearance in Iron Man. When Terrence Howard uttered his famous line "next time, baby" to how he would eventually wear an Iron Man suit, he truly believed it was true.

However, Don Cheadle would appear as Rhodey during the next Iron Man installment. Without being 100% confirmed, Howard insinuated that he was removed from the film due to his high salary. Thankfully Cheadle has made the role his own, but there are certain legions of fans who wonder if Howard could have done better.

4 Sebastian Stan - Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

For fans who did not know the comics, they assumed that when Sargent Bucky Barnes fell to his death in The First Avenger, he would never be seen again. However, the clean-cut New Yorker seen in the first Captain America would resurface as The Winter Solider. Over the course of his character arc, Sebastian Stan has been hardly recognizable since his first appearance.

When Barnes returned, he was a much scruffier and hardened version of himself. The wide-eyed idealism he first had was long gone, and most fans didn't even recognize he was the Bucky from the first Captain America.

3 Elizabeth Olsen - Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff was first introduced as a gothic villain to thwart the Avengers, but she eventually became a part of the next generation of heroes. Relying heavily on black eyeliner and Marilyn Manson undertones, Scarlet Witch also featured a heavy Sokovian accent. However, by the time Endgame came around, fans have noticed a big difference.

Maximoff's accent has all but disappeared, and her appearance has become much less grungy. In fact, Elizabeth Olsen has brought a much brighter side to the character. While the character inconsistencies are funny to note, it has been a change for the better when it comes to Scarlet Witch.

2 Jon Favreau - Happy Hogan

Believe it or not, Jon Favreau used to be considered one of the most good-looking men in Hollywood. While everyone gets older, actors have to do it with the world watching. By the time Favreau co-starred (and directed) Iron Man, he had already lost most of that luster.

Favreau does not look his best in his latest showing as Happy Hogan. Considering he has been spending most of his time behind the camera recently, perhaps he is just more comfortable this way.

1 Samuel L. Jackson - Nick Fury

While it is fully possible that Samuel L. Jackson does not actually age, fans were able to see what a much younger Nick Fury looked like in Captain Marvel. By travelling back to the early 1990s, the story of a much younger SHIELD agent was told.

Now pushing 70, Jackson looks much different in present time than he did either in his first appearance in Iron Man or in Captain Marvel. As the Director for SHIELD, he has been around since the beginning, and fans associate him as a consistent face of the MCU.

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