Endgame: 10 Collectibles That Are So Expensive It Makes No Sense (And 10 That Are Totally Worth It)

Considering Avengers: Endgame has been out for a number of weeks, spoilers should no longer be an issue. Regardless, please rest assured no plot points will be revealed. Why? This article is all about that cool Endgame merch!

Putting aside the film's individual merits, there is no denying Endgame is quite a big deal. Has there ever been a movie with so much hype? The Lord of the Rings trilogy may be the only proper contender. Even then, The Return of the King is not the final entry in an expansive adventure spanning 20+ chapters. Avengers: Endgame might not be the best movie of the year, but it is likely to be the greatest cinematic event of the last decade. A good or terrible crowd can make or break a viewing experience, and Endgame definitely needs to be watched in an auditorium packed with fans apt at distinguishing their Mjolnirs from their Stormbreakers.

Along with being pretty neat, collectibles serve as a testament to one's passion for a brand. Only truly invested fans are willing to drop $$ on a cool Spider-Man statue or wear a Deadpool shirt in public. At times, merchandise may appear like a cynical byproduct of a greedy industry, but then one item comes around that simply needs to be placed on a shelf next to our games and manga collection!

That being said, premium items often balloon in price to ridiculous proportions! Here are 10 Endgame collectibles that are so expensive, it makes no sense (and 10 that are totally worth it)!

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20 Too Expensive: Loki's Masterpiece (Hot Toys) ($1,100)

Via hottoys.com

Hot Toys market limited edition collectibles for an array of high profile franchises. Unsurprisingly, Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe is popular enough to warrant a couple of statues, including an immaculate 12-inch figure of everyone's favorite mischief Asgardian god.

Prior to progressing any further, this seems like an ideal time to state that none of the "Too Expensive" entries suffer from shoddy or misguided workmanship. Honestly, the majority of these toys are undeniably impressive. If it were not for the absurd price of $1,1000 - before shipping - Loki would already be resting on a counter alongside Super Saiyan Goku and a one-handed Batman.

19 Worth It: Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

Prior to Avengers: Infinity War, the Infinity Stones felt like little more than a MacGuffin to loosely connect the likes of Ronan the Accuser and Loki through a common goal. Putting aside comic book fans familiar with the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, the stones were not up to much until Thanos showed up and started to flex his muscles.

In the world of awesome Thanos merchandise, few compare to this stunning replica of the antagonist's ultimate weapon. While the stones are not removable, they do light-up and the gauntlet comes installed with sound effects from Phase Three's final two Avengers movies. While one of the more expensive "worth it" entries, Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet is quite incredible!

18 Too Expensive: Avengers: Endgame's Heroes Combine To Form Thanos ($154.99)

Via bigbadtoystore.com

Out of all the "Too Expensive" candidates, Hasbro's Marvel Legends set inches the closest to a price somewhere in the ballpark of acceptability. Packaged in individual cases, seven characters are presented as plastic 6-inch toys. With the exception of Captain America, every figure has a removable part that can be combined to produce Thanos. Marvel's ultimate villain is basically reduced to a Zord from Power Rangers.

While the price is not extremely off-putting, the chosen characters are slightly disappointing. Including Thanos, only three figures are actually based on personalities featured in Avengers: Endgame. This set lacks cohesion and thematic consistency, with characters being thrown into the mix for seemingly no reason.

17 Worth It: A Hoodie Worthy Of An Avenger

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

The Quantum Hoddie is inspired by the wardrobe worn by the heroes during Avengers: Endgame's second act. Although the hoodie's on-the-nose name makes avoiding spoilers seem kind of pointless, we will just say that the jacket's source is briefly highlighted during the movie's trailer.

A polyester blend suitable for a light jog or a leisurely stroll across New York's rooftops, the Quantum Hoodie is the type of jacket that tends to cause impromptu posing sessions whenever a mirror makes an appearance.

16 Too Expensive: Hulk Smash ($400+)

Via Collectors.com

Over the years, the Marvel Legends toyline has produced a handful of truly fantastic figures. Consequently, the brand holds some nostalgic value for certain people, and this devotion is mostly earned. Striving to offer quality and quantity, the latter inadvertently results in the former fluctuating between figure to figure.

Successful manufacturers practically never undervalue their own service. So, if a toy is typically sold for approximately $19.99, then one can safely assume the item is not worth much more. Marvel Legends' Hulk may be twice as large as many of Hasbro's current stock, but an extra 6-inches is hardly worth $400.

15 Worth It: Guardians Of The Galaxy Power Bank

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

Pulled away from Earth with no time to pack a travel bag, Peter Quill treasures his Walkman as his mother's final keepsake. The prop compliments Guardians of the Galaxy's '80s aesthetic and tone, whilst also providing a legitimate in-universe justification for the soundtrack's myriad of pop songs. These small details help promote immersion in such a fantastical and often silly space drama.

Designed after Star-Lord's Walkman, this USB power bank is compatible with supposedly most modern phones, tablets, and wireless devices. Lightweight and packed with a 4000mAh battery, the Mixtape Power Bank should be able to fully charge a smartphone and still have energy left to spare.

14 Too Expensive: Mini Groot (Hot Toys) ($698)

Via amazon.com

Only so much cuteness can be resisted before the pressure grows too great and the flood gates open. Before Vin Diesel can say "Groot," a $700 figure is added to the cart whilst the mouse icon hovers over the order. At the end of the day, we are only human.

Shipping with a pair of interchangeable hands and three faces, Hot Toys' Mini Groot is designed to scale, so it is basically the same as having the real Groot in your living room. Frankly, raising a baby anthropomorphic tree is probably cheaper than purchasing this replica.

13 Worth It: Thanos' Bathrobe

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

If Avengers: Endgame took place in Deadpool's universe, a scene featuring Thanos dressed in a bathrobe while armed with the Infinity Gauntlet might very well be a reality. Alas, fans (and Josh Brolin) will simply have to make do with sweet battle armor. The pressing need to reduce the universe's population by half does not permit Thanos to take a spa day; that being said, the villain's priorities might have changed if Merchoid's cozy-looking robe was around.

Echoing Thanos' purple-and-gold armor, Thanos' casual robe appears incredibly soft to the touch, so much so, an image of the item is enough to cause us to yearn for a warm bed near a roaring fire.

12 Too Expensive: Funko Pop Thor ($299.99)

Via amazon.com

Funko Pop toys are here to stay. These lopsided figures are so popular, it is only a matter of time before Hollywood blesses the world with The Funko Pop Movie. Hopefully, this is one prediction that completely misses the mark.

Permitting nobody is hurt in the process, a personal passion should be above criticism. If Funko Pop figures scratch a collector's itch, then more power to them! Be it Deluxe Editions of video games or a $40 burger, at one time or another, virtually everybody has overpaid for a sought-after item. While certain collectibles are expensive right out of the gate, most have their prices artificially inflated after the fact. Seriously, $299 for a Funko Pop?

11 Worth It: That Is (Captain) America's Backpack

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

The most amazing thing about Captain America's backpack is that it compliments Steve Rogers' persona. Can you not imagine Steve as a tourist strapped with a practical bag, a pouch, and an old school camera? Captain America brought normalcy back into fashion. Now, in all fairness, an 80-year-old super soldier with abs of steel and Chris Evans' face is hardly your average joe; nevertheless, Steve's sincerity sells the dream.

Patriotic without coming across as parody, the Stars and Straps Backpack has a number of additional pockets to ensure resources are well-organized. Due to the association with Avengers, this backpack will work even if someone has never set foot in the United States of America!

10 Too Expensive: The Thing Or Three Kids In A Trenchcoat? ($500)

Via marvellegends.net

Despite what this article may suggest, we are not purposefully picking on Marvel Legends in a calculated attempt to mock a successful series. Putting aside a handful of misses, which is only to be expected with any long-running brand, Marvel Legends' history is primarily defined by home runs and success stories. The Thing in a trenchcoat sounds absurd, yet, this solitary figure is more true to the Fantastic Four character than anything offered by 2015's movie.

Out of stock Marvel Legends action figures simply happen to be among the most overpriced superhero toys on the market, especially when it comes to Marvel figures. We are not talking about exclusive statues or collectibles, the Marvel Legends series is chiefly marketed towards children.

9 Worth It: Phase Three Hoodie

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

Once upon a time, Robert Downey Jr. starred in a superhero movie about an arrogant billionaire who uses his vast riches to create a battlesuit designed to fight crime, save the world, and keep him alive. 2008's Iron Man concluded by teasing Nick Fury's Avengers Initiative, an ambitious concept that seemed too farfetched to truly bear fruit.

A decade and 21 movies later, Avengers: Endgame is breaking box-office records. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to continue indefinitely, and Phase Three will not be complete until Spider-Man: Far From Home is released, Endgame feels like the end of an era. Such an unprecedented project deserves a hoodie or two, especially one as stylish as this limited edition model.

8 Too Expensive: Blade Is Ripped! ($678)

Via amazon.com

Strange as it may be to picture Blade standing alongside Captain America and the Incredible Hulk, Blade is a Marvel character and deserves credit for sparking a resurgence in popularity for superhero blockbusters following Batman & Robin. Debuting in 1973's The Tomb of Dracula #10, the vampire hunter has been around for quite a while. Consequently, Blade has been the subject of many action figures, presumably ones made of plastic and not wood.

10-inches tall and boasting good paintwork, Marvel Universe Collection's Blade is worthy of carrying the hero and Wesley Snipes' face. Without context, this is a mighty fine figure; however, not even Blade is cool enough to warrant spending more than $600.

7 Worth It: Go For The Head (Cap)

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

The "Defend Your Head" Thanos cap cannot presently be added to a cart, so it is safe to assume this is a companion piece for other merchandise. Focusing on the cap's aesthetic, the metallic color palette juxtapositions splendidly with the embroidered gold decor and threaded Infinity Stones. The cap may be slightly too flashy for certain occasions; however, the item should stand-out positively at any comic book convention or event.

Stylish and eye-catching, the Infinity Gauntlet cap looks so good, Thanos may have been better off creating a helmet instead of a glove. Villains care about their image just as much as the Captain Americas of the world.

6 Too Expensive: The Price Of Exclusivity ($1,000)

Via ebay.com

Build-a-Figure collections are not traditionally sold in a convenient set. More often than not, each part must be separately tracked down and purchased, in the same vein that cards are collected by purchasing booster packs. Luckily, Marvel Legends figures include all the relevant data on the box, so no guesswork is involved.

Imagine being one solitary component away from crafting Ares, but the last toy costs a deflating $1000. How can something be so close but yet so far? While the build-a-figure concept is interesting and fun, sellers are even more incentivized to spike the price in the hope of finding a collector willing to drop the cash.

5 Worth It: A Spidey Dress Code

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame are not the only recent superhero films to be greeted with commercial and critical success, and we are not talking about Shazam! or the other Captain Marvel. Visually stunning and fantastically scripted, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse might very well be the wall-crawler's greatest cinematic adventure.

Chronicling Miles Morales' journey from average teenager to dude with web discharging out of his wrists, Into the Spider-Verse is a must-watch for any comic book or movie fan. Reflecting the young hero's Spidey suit, this Miles Morales Hoodie wisely keeps the design simple, opting for a tried-and-tested red and black color scheme. Good move.

4 Too Expensive: Funko Pop Ghost Rider ($650)

Via hobbydb.com

In the world of collectibles, expect the impossible. Just when it seems like a Funko Pop could not possibly be valued at higher than $299, Ghost Rider (Metallic) comes along to shatter these foolish expectations. While the price may seem crazy to non-collectors, these listing are simply not interested in us. Permitting someone is willing to pay the price, then there is nothing to say a Funko Pop should not cost $650. Only once an auction fails to attract bidders can the item be deemed as overpriced. Until such a day comes to pass, the price is fair.

That being said, $650 is way too much money for a Funko Pop!

3 Worth It: Thanos Pop! Vinyl

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

When it comes to Funko Pop figures, people tend to love or hate them. Presented as collector items and often sold in a limited quantity to promote a sense of exclusivity, Pop! toys are simultaneously everywhere and frustratingly difficult to obtain. As this article has already highlighted some of the more ludicrously priced Marvel Pop! models, it seems only fair to mention a reasonable variant.

Avengers Endgame's official Thanos toy is likely to primarily interest Marvel fans already fond of Pop! The figure's detailed armor steals the show, although Thanos' somber face is an accurate representation of the character's personality in Infinity War.

2 Too Expensive: Iron Man Mark VII (Hot Toys) ($550+)

Via toysheroes.com

For a brief moment, let's erase the price from our minds and focus on the excellent craftsmanship on display. Hot Toys' Iron Man Mark VII is a work of art. Boasting multiple moving parts and immaculate painting, precious few memorabilia can hold a candle to such a beautiful and detailed figure. It is almost worth the price.

Almost being the operative word. Iron Man Mark VII is currently on sale for over $6000 on Amazon but can be purchased for cheaper than a brand new car through other stores. If the affordable option still requires more than $500, then you know you are dealing with premium products.

1 Worth It: Quantum Avengers Hoodie

Via merchoid.com

See the price here

While quite similar to a previously mentioned Avengers: Endgame Quantum Hoodie, this jacket opts for a more streamlined and less sporty design. That being said, the hoodie is nonetheless tailor-made to be comfortable in most situations, including those requiring a bit of casual superheroism or a brisk walk to catch a fleeting bus.

Unlike some of the other highlighted clothes, the 'Whatever It Takes' hoodie is not heavily imprinted with logos or nods to the source material; in fact, if the A were to be removed, there would be nothing to suggest this is Avengers: Endgame merchandise. Consequently, Earth's mightiest heroes may genuinely wear this style of hoodie.

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