Avengers: 30 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Endgame Leaves Hanging 

As Tony Stark exclaims in the trailer, part of the journey is the end. Fans are experiencing that for themselves as Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters, bringing the Infinity Saga to a major close, as well as several stories brought to life during that saga. For well over a decade now, fans have been watching in awe as their favorite heroes and villains from Marvel Comics have come to life. From the first moment Tony Stark proclaimed, “I am Iron Man,” the fandom has watched magical worlds, monstrous foes, and world ending threats come face to face with the heroes of earth, and they have met each challenge either as victors or failures, but always as Avengers.

After the losses suffered in Infinity War, Endgame brings the story to a close, and fans are seeing for themselves how the story ends. The film is easily the best in the MCU to date, and not only brings some incredible character arcs to a close, but some of the most iconic moments from comics and the best action sequences in modern film industry. Yet for all of its glory and despite the amazing story told in this film, some of the major plot holes of the MCU definitely didn’t get resolved by the film’s end. Understandable, as the story told took 3 hours to begin with, but for eagle eyed fans, there are several questions that have yet to be explained.

Today we are going to take a look at the 30 biggest plot holes in the MCU that weren’t resolved in Avengers: Endgame.

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30 Pym Particles Science

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One thing that has often befuddled audiences is the exact science behind Pym Particles. Yes, this is a very minute plot hole (pun intended), but the shrinking abilities of Ant-Man have never fully established the science behind it. It’s stated that Ant-Man can reduce his size by distancing the distance between atoms using the Pym Particles.

Yet it seems impossible as Ant-Man is able to go to the Quantum Realm and back using the particles, and yet to get to the realm you have to shrink to a smaller size than an atom itself. How does that work exactly?

29 Thor’s Role On Earth

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As many the die hard fans of the Marvel Comics universe and history/mythology fans of our world know, Thor is a major part of Norse mythology. He and Loki, among others of Asgard, have a major role in the lives and history of the Vikings and Norsemen overall. Yet in the first MCU Thor film, it said that it was Thor’s first time on Earth. How could myths and legends of Thor exist among Vikings if he hadn’t visited Earth before?

28 Fake Gauntlet

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Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed this, but despite Infinity War established the gauntlet was made for Thanos to house the Infinity Stones, a “fake” gauntlet and several stones have been seen housed in the armory of Asgard. If this is true, then why would Odin have had a fake gauntlet made to begin with? Did he know about the threat of Thanos coming, and why didn’t he warn his son or his people of what was coming? With all of Odin’s power, you’d think he could have posed a threat to Thanos a long time before the Avengers came about.

27 Long Distance Relationship

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Thor seems to be a central focus of plot holes, but there is one glaring one that has not been addressed. At the end of Thor, Jane Foster is separated from her recently acquired love interest Thor thanks to the Bifrost Bridge being destroyed and separating Asgard and the other realms. Yet when Thor 2 arrives, the bridge has been repaired and he has yet to return to her.

Then that film ends with them living together on Earth, and in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she is mentioned in passing to be working. Then when Thor: Ragnarok arrives, they have suddenly broken up. What happened to the couple? No explanation was given, and despite the behind the scenes conflict between MCU executives and Natalie Portman’s frustration at the firing of director Patty Jenkins in Thor 2, a proper exploration of this relationship’s end was never resolved.

26 Thanos Gives Away Mind Stone

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Infinity War showed Thanos using his full might of his army and his generals, the Black Order, to get the Infinity Stones and power his gauntlet. Yet in the first Avengers, it was established that he gave Loki the Mind Stone to help invade Earth and gain control of the Cosmic Cube, which housed the Space Stone. Why would he give away this stone to Loki, who is notorious for betrayals? He wouldn’t have had to attack Earth and Wakanda to begin with if he had just kept the stone himself and used its power to get the other stones.

25 Thanos’ Timing

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Playing into the whole mind stone/Loki thing, the whole planning of Thanos taking the Infinity Stones doesn’t make sense either. With the Black Order and a ruthless army at his disposal, why wait to use his power to gain the stones?

The Avengers didn’t have as large a powerhouse behind them in their beginning years, nor the knowledge and abilities they had in Infinity War. Sure they were all scattered due to events in between the first and third Avengers film, but even then, Captain Marvel and the Guardians wouldn’t have been around to help either. Why did Thanos use villains like Ronan and Loki to play around with the stones when he could have taken them easily himself?

24 Tony Stark Quits

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The most iconic Avenger in the team has to be of course Tony Stark, the billionaire hero who saved New York from a nuclear blast and saw the threat of Thanos coming years before his arrival. At the end of Iron Man 3, one of the big plot lines established was that Tony Stark was leaving the Iron Man persona and saving the world behind. Yet by the time Avengers: Age of Ultron and Civil War arrive, he’s back to his heroic ways. Why establish this plot line and then abandon it entirely?

23 Extremis Cure

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Speaking of Iron Man 3, by the film’s end another plot line was that he was able to fully control and use Extremis to heal people and regrow limbs without causing them to explode. He’s mastered a world-changing cure, and yet when Rhodey is injured in Civil War, he’s not given the Extremis cure to help with his injury. Instead, he’s given an exoskeleton to help him walk again. Why wouldn’t he give his best friend in the world, Rhodey, the cure?

22 Howard Stark’s Bloopers

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The whole concept of Iron Man was that Tony Stark had to create this whole new element in order to use his Iron Man suits without poisoning himself every time he used it. Yet the way he discovered this element was through his father, who had left behind old video tapes with bloopers that pointed to a hidden message left by Howard for Tony. Of all the ways to hide a message, why would he leave it in an old and unlikely to be viewed blooper reel? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

21 Vision Quest

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During the events of Age of Ultron, fans witnessed a random scene for Thor, when he was given a vision of the future, in which Ragnarok was teased and the hunt for the infinity stones was made apparent. This was a scene added in by MCU executives to Joss Whedon’s film to tease the future of the franchise. Yet nothing really came from this vision, as it was only briefly mentioned in Ragnarok and didn’t really play into the plot of Thor or the subsequent films overall. Why didn’t we ever see the vision come into Thor’s storyline in the Avengers films?

20 Hydra’s Obsession With Dr. Strange

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As fans know, Stephen Strange was a brilliant surgeon who lost the use of his hands in surgical procedures and went on a journey of recovery that led him to become the Sorcerer Supreme, master of the mystic arts. While he is now an all powerful sorcerer, when Captain America: Winter Soldier arrived before the good doctor’s film, it was teased that Hydra had a list of people who posed a possible threat to them, including Stephen Strange. If this took place years before Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme, then why would Hydra have made him a target? This was never fully explained in the films.

19 Thor Leaves Behind Loki’s Scepter

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After the first Avengers film, the plot saw Thor taking his brother back as his prisoner to Asgard, along with the Tesseract, aka the Space Stone. Yet all of this safekeeping on Thor’s part, and he still somehow managed to leave Loki’s scepter behind.

Not only did it house the Mind Stone, but it was a powerful piece of alien technology that he shouldn’t have left on Earth to be used by villains, which is what Hydra ended up doing, leading to the creation of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision, along with painting Earth as a target for Thanos later on.

18 The Iron Legion

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One key element of Iron Man 3 was the vast volume of Iron Man armor suits that showed up to help Tony in the final fight against Aldrich Killian and the Extremis virus. This was meant to represent Tony’s conflict of maintaining control over a situation, and in the end, he blew up all of the suits, setting up an emotional conclusion to his story. Yet in all subsequent films, these suits could have helped in major conflicts, not to mention all of the pieces of the suits that were blown up could have been snagged by villains and used to make new weapons or possibly even reverse engineer Stark’s tech. Look at what The Vulture did using stolen tech in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

17 Avengers… Assemble?

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One of the key things about the MCU’s establishment of the Avengers was that they were meant to come together to face threats too great for any one individual to handle. Yet the team only gathered a handful of times, and there were many times the team could have been used to deal with a threat. Take Iron Man 3’s Extremis problem, or Thor’s battle with Malekith and the Dark Elves in Thor 2. These were just a couple of times a major team up of at least a couple other heroes, if not the whole team, could have come in handy.

16 Spider-Man’s Timeline

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While Tom Holland has definitely made a name for himself as the young teen hero Spider-Man, his solo film does have some questions attached to it. One of the more confusing things about the MCU is its timeline. The Battle of New York from the first Avengers film takes place in 2012, and Spider-Man is said to take place directly eight years after that. Yet the film is supposedly taking place in current time, which was then 2017, only five years later. Does the film take place in a near future, or is the timeline in need of some retconning?

15 Scarlett Witch’s Origins

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We saw the origins of Scarlett Witch and her late brother Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. Experimented on by Hydra leader Baron Von Strucker, the siblings gained their power from the mind stone of Loki’s scepter. Yet in the comics, it is well known that they are in fact mutants and the children of the villain Magneto. Obviously legally they couldn’t use that, and instead referred to them as the “age of miracles.”

Yet where do Scarlett Witch’s powers come from and what exactly are they? In the comics, she was a mutant with training in the mystic arts by Dr. Strange, but in the MCU she has no training and her powers seem to originate from nowhere in particular, so where does her vast power come from exactly?

14 Prison Break

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Cap’s third film in his trilogy definitely had some iconic moments and changed the status quo in a big way. One thing that really confused fans at the end of Civil War was Captain America showing up at The Raft, the secret prison where his allies in the battle at the airport during the film were sent after being captured. How was Cap able to get to this secret base without the funds or backing of people like Iron Man or S.H.I.E.L.D.?

13 Where’s Betty Ross?

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One thing that seems strange is that the Hulk’s love interest, Betty Ross, seemingly disappears from the MCU entirely. Sure, they recast Bruce Banner by adding Mark Ruffalo instead of Edward Norton, but William Hurt returned from the first Incredible Hulk movie as Thaddeus Ross in the Avengers and Captain America films, so that begs the question, what happened to his daughter Betty? With Bruce having an on and off romance with Black Widow, what has become of the first love of Bruce?

12 Loki Doesn’t Use Tesseract Against Thanos

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One of the first things we see in Infinity War is the aftermath of Thanos attacking Thor’s ship full of Asgardian survivors. While some got away, a lot of his people fell in the battle, including his best friend Heimdall. Yet Thanos attacked only because Loki had the Space Stone in his possession. However, the whole attack could have been avoided had he used the space stone.

In the Avengers film, Loki used the stone to open a portal to transport his army to Earth. Since Thor was heading to Earth already, Loki could have opened a portal and led their people there. Instead the carnage of his people went on, and he lost his fight against Thanos entirely.

11 Memory Problems

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During the events of Thor: Ragnarok, it was revealed that Bruce Banner wasn’t able to remember his time as the Hulk, as revealed to Thor when he reverted back to his human form. Yet when Infinity War arrived, Bruce was able to recount everything the Hulk had seen and heard while battling Thanos. How was Bruce able to regain his memories and use it to help the Avengers plan out their battle with the Mad Titan? Sure, they lost, but he still remembered.

10 Thanos Got The Gauntlet… When?

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At the end of Age of Ultron, we see a brief after credits scene in which Thanos declares he’s going to get the stones all by himself, and grabs the gauntlet from some sort of armory he has. Yet in Infinity War, the Dwarves were only just recently attacked and annihilated after making the gauntlet for Thanos. So what was that gauntlet he had at the Age of Ultron film, and how does that match up with the timeline at all?

9 Lady Sif’s Disappearance

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One of the biggest plot holes we can think of is Lady Sif disappearing. She is one of several female characters to disappear in the MCU. She had one appearance in the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but after that, she was absent from Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War, two films her people of Asgard were critical to. Even the Warrior’s Three had a brief appearance in Ragnarok, so where was the might Sif during this time? Will she ever appear again in the MCU?

8 What's The Deal With Agent Coulson?

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One of the most surprising moments in the early MCU days was the sudden demise of Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was his passing that allowed the Avengers to come together and stop Loki. Yet we all know he reappeared as the star of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., alive and healed from his fatal blow by Loki. Despite his murky end at the end of the latest season of the show, he’d been around for many eventful moments of the Avenger’s time, including Infinity War and Age of Ultron. Where was he during this time, and how do the Avengers, notably his good friend Tony Stark, not know he is alive, or at least he was alive?

7 Cap Gets Frozen

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One of the biggest plot points in Cap’s journey was his ultimate sacrifice at the end of WWII. Staying on the Red Skull's plane to sink the threat altogether in the arctic cold, he said a tearful goodbye to Peggy and is lost forever, until he is found frozen and alive, kept from aging due to the ice. Yet despite wanting him in the current MCU timeline, was it really necessary for him to nose dive with the plane? Using his shield and ability to jump from planes already, couldn’t he have set the plane into a nosedive and then jumped out to safety, letting his allies come and rescue him?

6 No Vibranium Iron Man Suit?

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One of the biggest shocks to many fans of Iron Man is that he never got to create the ultimate suit: one made of Vibranium from Wakanda. His father made Cap’s shield out of the material during WWII, and Tony had discovered Klaw’s smuggling operation of the material, so why hadn’t he used this seemingly indestructible and conductive material to make the ultimate Iron Man suit, and possibly stop Thanos using it? It would have been helpful during Endgame’s story as well, so it makes it all the more confusing he wouldn’t have incorporated this material into his suit.

5 Too Much Government Interference?

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One thing that is often brought up in Avengers films is the lectures given by military and world leaders, mainly Thaddeus Ross, about the team’s failures during the films. Yet the only valid time he could have done this was during the Sokovia attack by Ultron, due to Tony inadvertently building the machine and giving it life. In New York, it was Loki who brought the aliens there and the Avengers who stopped it.

Tony even had to stop a nuke that the government had sent to destroy the city and the invaders, which would have caused way more casualties. In Infinity War, it was a cosmic threat and nothing the Avengers did. Why does the government feel the need to constantly interfere in the Avenger’s missions?

4 Lack of Alien Invasion Preparations

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As the MCU established, there were two previous alien invasion attempts on the planet before Infinity War: the Kree invasion force that Captain Marvel stopped single handedly, and the Battle of New York, which the Avengers stopped. With two attempts made already, why weren’t government officials and agencies either made or making attempts to counter future attacks?

Why was Earth so unprepared for Thanos’s arrival? A monitoring system like S.W.O.R.D. to look for incoming alien threats could have been used to better prepare to face Thanos in space first. Only Iron Man seemed to be aware and working to stop this threat, but he suffered from PTSD after the first Avengers film and the other heroes were preoccupied with Earth born threats.

3 How Loki Met Thanos

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At the end of the first Thor film, Loki was last seen falling through infinite space. He appeared in an after credits scene to show he was somehow attached to scientist Erik Selvig, yet he didn’t fully appear until the Avengers film, wielding a weapon with the mind stone given to him by Thanos. How did he meet Thanos and get rescued from his fall into space? Why would Thanos have even chosen to save Loki, knowing his penchant for mischief and betrayal? That has never been fully explained.

2 The Leader

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While the recasting changed the Hulk’s storyline as he wasn’t given another solo film, the one solo film the Hulk did have included the tease of a major villain, The Leader. Scientist Samuel Stern was infected by the Hulk’s gamma radiated blood hitting his head, enlarging it and showcasing his transformation into the gamma powered mind based villain, The Leader. Yet he was never seen again in the MCU, nor was his powerful ally and Hulk villain Abomination. Why haven’t the gamma powered villains been used again?

1 Vibranium In WWII

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One thing that is probably the most surprising turn of events was the fact that somehow, Howard Stark was able to build a shield for Captain America using the rare and powerful material vibranium. As fans know, this material comes from the reclusive nation of Wakanda, who didn’t open its boarders until the end of the Black Panther film. How was the scientist able to get so much material to build Cap’s shield during WWII, a time when the nation was removed from the world entirely?

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