25 Avengers Toys That Totally Spoiled Endgame

It feels like we’re breathing fresh air now that Avengers: Endgame’s plot is common knowledge and we can freely talk about it. But back when the film hadn’t been released, Marvel had kept things extremely quiet, and even manipulated trailers to give off the wrong impression as to what was to happen in the movie. Marvel also relies a lot on its toy lines, and these are made to have an evergreen quality, one that ends up spoiling the movies.

Since Marvel wants the toys to feel up-to-date, the toy releases show characters and settings how they would be in the film, which contributes to leaving spoilers galore for those following closely.

These 25 toys also ended up giving away major plot points from Avengers: Endgame before it was released, and now that you know everything that happened, take a look and see if you can get how the film was spoiled through these toys.

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25 Iron Man Coming Back To Earth

Iron Man toy
via flickeringmyth.com

Earlier film previews refused to show Iron Man back and reunited with his friends, instead choosing to make it seem as if he would perish while drifting in space. This toy clearly showed Marvel had no such plans to have Iron Man pass away before fighting Thanos, and here we have him clearly alive.

24 Ronin's Reveal

via flickeringmyth.com

The filmmakers were coy in calling Hawkeye "Ronin," and teased us by claiming he would only embody the characterization of Ronin instead of taking up the identity. That was probably only applicable to the film though, because as far as merchandising was considered, Hawkeye was officially Ronin in Avengers: Endgame.

23 Valkyrie Being Alive

Vlkyrie TOy
via comicbookmovie.com

Avengers: Infinity War went without any mention of Valkyrie’s survival, and the directors only mentioned the possibility of her surviving. Cut to before the film’s posters had even debuted, and we had this shiny Valkyrie action figure sitting on shelves showing us that, not was she alive, she was going to be fighting once more in her Asgardian armor.

22 Battle Of New York Hulk

Hulk Avengers Legends Endgame
via superherohype.com

The promotion for the movie went so far as to having only Bruce Banner in the poster – something that had never happened in the last eleven years – and made it appear as if Hulk was never going to resurface. However, the toys gave it away that Hulk would be back, and this toy also spoiled that we’d be seeing the Battle of New York version of the Hulk as well.

21 Captain America's Old Look Returns

Captain America Toy
via lylesmoviefiles.com

The first few trailers of Avengers: Endgame didn’t feature any new material, opting for flashbacks to previous Avengers movies instead, and we assumed the “Nomad” version of Captain America would once again be featured. Early toy previews quashed those assumptions, though, as Captain America’s classic shaven appearance was back, and he was also once more in America’s striped colors as opposed to the dark suit he’d worn previously.

20 Iron Man In The Quantum Realm

Iron Man toy
via brickshow.com

So, not only did Marvel spoil that Iron Man would be returning, they also opted to show us he would be entering the Quantum Realm. While the suit was also seen in the Avengers: Endgame trailers, we got this toy before said trailers came out, and one can figure out Iron Man is going to be travelling somewhere no one else has been to before.

19 Nebula As Part Of The Avengers

via youtube.com

Nebula’s status was up in the air after Avengers: Infinity War, where she was seen on Titan with Iron Man. People wondered what her role would be once they returned to Earth, and this toy set spoiled that she would be joining forces with the rest of the Avengers. Bear in mind, we’d never seen her interacting with anyone from Earth, so this was a pretty huge thing to let slip by.

18 Rocket And The Avengers

via youtube.com

This was one occasion where Marvel tried to hide a spoiler, but fans still deciphered it. We can see Rocket around the Avengers’ Quinjet in this toy set, which doesn’t leave it far from the assumption that Rocket would be commandeering a ship and joining the Avengers. In Endgame, we saw Rocket pilot the Benatar, but this toy was enough to tell us he’d be in charge of flying spacecrafts, which he did do when taking everyone to take out Thanos on Titan II.

17 Professor Hulk

via reddit.com

There were rumors that we would be seeing Banner and Hulk merge to become the Professor Hulk persona, and these were confirmed when we saw this toy of the Hulk wearing the Quantum Realm suit – the trailers had omitted this detail. Along with this, you can clearly see the Hulk looks more like Banner facially than usual, and the lack of rage in his face confirmed that this was Banner’s conscience in Hulk’s body.

16 Return Of Captain America’s Shield

via toyqiz.com

Captain America’s shield was absent for the very first time in a movie featuring the hero in Avengers: Infinity War, where he chose to wear Vibranium Gauntlets instead. Avengers: Endgame’s toy line confirmed we would be seeing the return of the shield, as you can see the Captain being available for purchase along with his signature weapon.

15 Captain America In The Quantum Realm

via amazon.com

Other toys made the spoilers even worse by having not only the shield with the Captain’s action figure, but also showing him with the Quantum Realm suit. This action figure picture was released before the toy was even up for sale, and it spoiled that Captain America would be joining his Avengers in the Quantum Realm. After this spoiler, we had the trailer where he was shown along with the rest of the team.

14 Return Of The Outriders

via screenrant.com

Every trailer of Avengers: Endgame omitted Thanos almost completely other than showing him farming on Titan II. It appeared as if the film wouldn’t be focused so much on the Mad Titan, and that his Outrider army was most definitely deceased in Avengers: Infinity War. However, here we had a toy set that featured Captain America battling the Outriders. While we didn’t see this sequence in the film, we most certainly saw the return of the monsters.

13 New Version Of Iron Man Suit

Iron Man suit
via toysheroes.com

Perhaps Marvel thought they were being too smart by writing that additional accessories would be coming soon on the box of this toy set (as the materials would be released after film’s premiere), but it did spoil for us that Iron Man would be jumping from Mark 50 to Mark 85 by Avengers: Endgame. It also showed us the reactor in his back; the same one which was used to battle Thanos using Thor’s lightning blast.

12 Return of Ant-Man Through The Quantum Realm

via bigbadtoystore.com

After making us believe Hawkeye and Ant-Man would be in Avengers: Infinity War, only for that to be a lie, Marvel tried to do the opposite with Avengers: Endgame by leaving out Ant-Man in trailers. This was done so as to preserve the Quantum Realm being used as the main time travel gateway, but this toy featuring Ant-Man wearing the suit confirmed he would be the one to formulate the Time Heist plan.

11 Return Of Star-Lord On Morag

Star lord
via reddit.com

Again, maybe Marvel thought they were being smart by releasing a Star-Lord toy next to the Avengers’ toys without having him wear the Quantum Realm suit, but this only confirmed to us that the film would see a time travel plot. Here, you can see the Star-Lord action figure dressed the very same way as he was on Morag in Guardians of the Galaxy. As you know, War Machine and Nebula traveled there to knock him out.

10 Return Of Spider-Man

via doubleboxedtoys.com

The pack with this toy stated it was modeled after the Spider-Man we saw in Avengers: Infinity War, except the stance we see here was never seen in that film, and the Endgame pack it came in with told us clearly that we would be seeing Spider-Man be resurrected in this film. The stance ended up spoiling Spider-Man activating the Instant Kill mode during the Battle of Earth.

9 Return Of Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw
via hasbropulse.com

Like the case was with Spider-Man, this packet also stated the Maw was from Avengers: Infinity War, but those who had seen all the other spoiler-filled toys knew there was no way Marvel would be selling the deceased Maw’s action figure just like that. Instead, it was an indication that he too would be returning from his deceased state.

8 Thor And Rocket In The Quantum Realm

via amazon.com

To Marvel’s credit, they kept the look of Thor in this toy packet the same as he had in Avengers: Infinity War as opposed to how he really looked, but it ended up spoiling for us that Rocket and Thor would be going to the Quantum Realm as a pair – in the film, they went to Asgard together. The trailers had also omitted Thor in the Quantum Realm suit, and here we had confirmation he would be donning it as well.

7 Pepper Potts' Armor

via screenrant.com

We apologize for this picture seeming very scary what with Pepper not having a head on it, but the packet had multiple heads to be placed on the body. What it also did was spoil that Pepper would be seen in armor this time round. Gwyneth Paltrow had earlier posted a picture on Instagram where the implication was she’d be fighting in this film, but this toy was where we saw the Rescue armor in full.

6 Return Of Black Panther

via toywiz.com

Sure, the fact that Black Panther 2 was commissioned even before Avengers: Infinity War’s premiere was an easy spoiler that the superhero would be surviving, but Marvel had taken him out first in the movie to make it appear as if he was gone for good. This Avengers: Endgame action figure confirmed that was all a tactic by the studio, as Black Panther was primed and ready to fight.

5 Captain Marvel Not Joining The Team

via screenrant.com

After a wide array of toys that showed the Avengers wearing Quantum Realm suits, which signaled they’d be time travelling, the fact that Captain Marvel’s action figures didn’t have her wearing this suit was a spoiler that she would be missing from the action. As we know, she only appeared in the beginning and ending of the movie, and this toy made it clear she wouldn’t be part of the main story.

4 Iron Man's Gauntlet

via geektyrant.com

The Infinity Gauntlet seemed to be messed up beyond repair at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and previews showed Thanos walking around with the damaged one. When this toy debuted, it was a huge spoiler that Iron Man would be making a new one. The color scheme and overall design quite easily tells us the Gauntlet is made out of Stark Tech, and it being for the right hand indicated this was a new Gauntlet.

3 Hulk Using The Gauntlet

via lacitedesnauges.be

Honestly, what did Marvel expect for us to believe when we saw this toy? To be fair, it wasn’t out for sale yet when it appeared in promotion, but it’s all too obvious that Hulk would be using the Gauntlet. Perhaps Marvel figured people would assume this Gauntlet wasn’t the Infinity Gauntlet after all since Hulk was wearing it, but it was enough to tell us that Hulk would be the one to reverse the snap.

2 Thanos’ Sword

via screenrant.com

This toy sought to fool us into thinking Thanos would still be wielding the original Infinity Gauntlet, as you can see it on his left hand and having the style of the one made in Nidavellir. But it ended up spoiling for us that Thanos would be seen in his armor in Avengers: Endgame. He went without armor in the previous movie, and this toy added in his battle mode by having him hold that dual-bladed sword he used to great effect in the climax.

1 Battle Of Earth Reveal

Battle of earth
via screenrant.com

The box even has the toy set named as the Avengers Compound Battle, but the presence of the normal Hulk and not the Professor incarnation was meant to hide the fact that this was the Battle of Earth on display. Now that we have context, we know for sure this is the climactic battle, but the toy set had previously acted as a spoiler for those who had scrutinized the trailers and concluded this battle aligned only with the film’s ending.

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