The 20 Worst Things About Avengers: Endgame (And The 10 Best)

Avengers: Endgame has released in theaters to the wild excitement of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the culmination of more than twenty movies telling the stories of our favorite super heroes. Endgame is set to break box office records, but that's not the only thing Endgame is breaking. It is also breaking our hearts. The movie is a roller coaster of emotions, from giddiness to sorrow and from humor to terror. One could expect nothing less from the end of an era.

The movie takes place after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Everyone who survived the formidable Snap has to try rebuilding their lives. The Avengers, however, can't let things go. They formulate a plan to reverse the effects of the wipe-out, and in the longest Marvel movie to date, they fight the fight of their lives.

This is, without a doubt, a tale of epic proportions. Nothing in the history of cinema can be compared to Endgame. However, if you're the kind of person who likes going into movies prepared, you should know the best and worst qualities of Avengers: Endgame before you dive into it. There are aspects of the film that will make you want to wince, cry, and yell in rage. It's not all bad though. There are also aspects of the film that will make you cheer, laugh, and applaud. Read on if you want to know about the worst and the best parts of Avengers: Endgame.


Be warned! There are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.


30 WORST: Iron Man Passes Away

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We all saw this coming. One or more of the original Avengers biting the dust was practically a foregone conclusion. That doesn't make it hurt any less. Tony Stark makes the sacrifice play at the end of the movie, putting on the Infinity Stones in order to erase Thanos' army from existence.

The power of the Stones proves to be too much. When Tony breathed his last and the light from his arc reactor faded, sobs could be heard not just on the screen, but in the audience as well. (We're tearing up just remembering it.)

29 WORST: There Is No Hulking Out

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Whenever the Hulk appears in a Marvel movie, one of the things we look forward to seeing is a giant, green rage monster punching his way to victory. This is not the case in Avengers: Endgame. Bruce Banner has apparently figured out a way to temper the Hulk's rage.

He is now permanently green and strong, but also calm and professional. Banner has total control. This is hilarious to watch at first, but after a while, we all wished we could see the Hulk yell "Hulk smash!" one more time.

28 BEST: We Get To See Tony As A Father

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After a first attempt to steal the Infinity Stones from Thanos in order to reverse the Snap fails, the Avengers have to try to move on with their lives. Five years pass with most of them living lives of quiet desperation.

However, Tony and Pepper Potts actually make a decent niche for themselves in this sad, new world. They have a daughter, and it was a genuine joy to see Tony interact with her. He becomes the kind of father you hoped he would be. This makes his passing later on hurt you ten times more. We're not crying, you are.

27 WORST: Hawkeye's Entire Family Disappears On Him

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The beginning moments of Endgame provide us with one of Marvel's most chilling scenes ever. We find out what Clint Barton was doing when the Snap occurred. He and his family were having an at-home picnic. Barton turns his back on his family for one second to pick something up, and when he turns around, they are all gone. All of them.

His wife, his daughter, and his two sons were turned to dust. Your stomach sinks to the ground when this happens. Actually it sinks below the ground, through the Earth's core, and out the other side of the planet.

26 WORST: We Witness A World Trying To Cope

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Perhaps more heartbreaking than seeing the heroes we have left struggling to accept a universe where half the population is just gone is seeing the rest of humanity struggling to accept this fact. Missing posters litter the sidewalks. Car wrecks are left in the street. Monuments to the missing are filled with mourners.

Watching the average citizen coping with the catastrophe makes it feel more real. It also makes it hurt more. Fair warning, the first quarter of Endgame is terribly depressing.

25 BEST: Revisiting Past Marvel Movies Is A Blast

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As you might have guessed, the Avengers use time travel to fix what Thanos has done. Their plan is to retrieve the Infinity Stones from different points in time before Thanos collected them in the first place.

This means that we as an audience get to revisit several moments from past Marvel movies. We also get to meet old faces from the MCU's history that we never thought we'd see again, like the Ancient One, Doctor Strange's mentor, and Frigga, Thor's mom.

24 WORST: Thor's Beer Belly

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Perhaps on a fairly personal note, the absence of Thor's usually chiseled abs is one of the worst things about Avengers: Endgame. Devastated by his failure to stop Thanos, Thor becomes a recluse and decides to spend five years wallowing in misery and drinks.

And even Norse Gods are not immune to the effects of that kind of lifestyle. Thor becomes a dreadlocked, overweight, shell of the man he used to be. All we're saying is that since Endgame is Thor's last movie in the MCU, it would have been nice to see those abs one final time.

23 WORST: Fortnite Makes An Appearance

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Drinking was not the only thing Thor was marinating in during the five years after Thanos' Snap. Apparently, he and his buddies, Miek and Korg, were playing Fortnite as well.

Nothing is inherently wrong with this popular battle royale video game. However, witnessing Thor speak like a petty tween while playing the game is a scene we want to erase from our memories. It was nice to see that Korg and Miek survived the Snap though, so there is that.

22 BEST: A Rat Is Responsible For Saving The World

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Superhero movie conflicts are resolved in one of two ways: either the sheer determination of the hero sees them through the day, or a fluke occurrence turns events in the hero's favor. Endgame features the latter. Ant-Man was stuck in the Quantum Realm during the Snap, and he was in there for five years.

However, when a rat scuttled over the controls of the device that sent Ant-Man there, he was suddenly released. He felt like he had only been there for five hours. That led him to believe time travel was possible and that the Avengers could use that knowledge. So technically, it's only thanks to that rat that the Avengers saved the day.

21 WORST: Most Awkward Selfie Moment In Marvel History

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At one point, several of the Avengers find themselves in a diner chatting about their plans to travel back in time. This group included both Scott Lang and Bruce Banner. Since Bruce is permanently green and big these days, he gets recognized by some kids. These kids ask if they can take a selfie with Hulk.

Bruce says yes, which then leads to the most awkward conversation when Scott asks if the kids would want a picture with him, the Ant-Man. The kids don't really want to, Bruce tries to make it happen, and Scott clearly regrets his words.

20 WORST: Tony Stark Makes Holograph Recordings

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Endgame rubs salt into our wounds when it is revealed that Tony left behind holographic recordings before he passed away. As if it wasn't bad enough that Iron Man perished, now we have to sit through these messages of love without ugly-crying in a theater.

If you have any love for the heroes of the MCU, you are going to have to bring tissues with you when you go see it. It's a challenge to keep your eyes dry during Tony's final words. Excuse us while we go find that darn tissue box right now.

19 BEST: Every Hero Joins The Fight

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Using the Infinity Stones they retrieved from the past, the Avengers had Hulk wear them and try Snapping everyone back into existence. Before they can even check if it worked, Thanos attacks with a massive army. Everyone is beaten to within an inch of their life.

Just when you think only Captain America is left to stand against Thanos, portals open all around, and out pour the heroes who got erased from Thanos' initial Snap. It is one of the most epic moments in the movie. Everyone we thought we had lost comes back to fight in the biggest Marvel brawl you've ever seen.

18 WORST: Thanos And His Army From The Past Time Travel

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Time travel is a sticky issue to deal with in any story, and Endgame is no exception. A small group of Avengers go back in time in order to retrieve the Infinity Stones using these handy wrist devices to make the jump. Nebula gets captured by Thanos as the past version of herself, and past-Nebula steals the wrist device.

Somehow, past-Nebula goes forward to the present with the rest of the Avengers and then manages to bring past-Thanos and his entire past-army to fight the Avengers. We're not sure how they managed to do this. Button presses? Magic? Science? Guess there just had to be one final fight though.

17 WORST: Hawkeye And Black Widow's Fight For The Soul Stone

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If you recall from Infinity War, the only way to get the Soul Stone is to sacrifice another's life for it. Thanos sacrificed Gamora's in order to get it. In Endgame, Hawkeye and Black Widow are sent back in time to get it for themselves. Unfortunately, the soul for a Soul Stone rule still applies.

What follows is the worst fight in the movie. It is the worst fight because you don't want either one to win. They are basically fighting to see who sacrifices themselves for the Stone. Natasha ends up "winning," but when Clint holds the Soul Stone in his palm and starts weeping, you can only feel a deep sense of loss.

16 BEST: Spider-Man's Return

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It was nice to see every hero brought back from the Snap, but it was especially sweet to see Peter Parker return. When Spider-Man swung through a portal and onto the final battlefield, cheers erupted from the audience.

His loss in Infinity War was particularly painful for viewers because of the close relationship he had formed with his "mentor," Tony Stark. Seeing the look on Tony's face when Peter came back, incessantly babbling about what was happening around them, made the pain worth it.

15 WORST: Thanos' Post-Snap Plans

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Thanos wreaked havoc on the universe and on our hearts, which is why seeing his life after he Snapped his fingers was not exactly what we expected or wanted. His ambitious, war-like goal to eradicate half of life in the universe made us believe he had grand plans afterwards.

But, instead, we find Thanos trying to live life on a farm. Excuse us, but what?! When the Avengers found where Thanos was hiding and tried stealing the Stones from him, we could only feel a dull outrage at his passivity.

14 WORST: Scott Lang's Time-Travel Experiments

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Tony Stark initially refused to help with the time-travel plans. He was happy with the life he had with Pepper and his daughter. So it was up to Bruce Banner to try and figure out how to create time travel using the Quantum Realm. With Scott Lang as the guinea pig, the Avengers tried a few experiments with time travel that went horribly awry.

They turned Scott into a teenager, an old man, and a baby, all within the span of five minutes. While this scene did provide some much-needed humor, it definitely obscured the already-confusing concept of time travel in Endgame.

13 BEST: Captain America's National Treasure

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The best joke by far occurs when Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Captain America time-travel to the Battle of New York in order to get the Space and Mind Stones. Iron Man makes a comment about how Captain America's costume from the past did no favors for his posterior.

Ant-Man then defends Cap, saying that his rear end is America's rear end and it looks great. These time-traveling segments would have been tense moments without these kinds of jokes, and Ant-Man's serious delivery of that line is the best.

12 WORST: Vision Goes Unmourned

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Unfortunately, Vision was not brought back when the Hulk Snapped his fingers to return the people that Thanos had erased. He had been destroyed prior to that when Thanos had plucked the Mind Stone from his forehead.

However, despite the continued loss of Vision, no one seemed to spare much thought for his absence except for Scarlet Witch. Only she seemed to remember that he wasn't coming back with everyone else. Vision did not even get the courtesy of a cameo appearance.

11 WORST: Doctor Strange Knew The Results Of The Endgame

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When Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to review all the possible outcomes of the approaching fight in Infinity War, he only saw one way that the Avengers could win. He knew that the Snap would have to happen in order for the Avengers to eventually triumph five years later.

That means that he also knew that Iron Man would have to give up his life in order to save the world. Strange passes a glance in Tony's direction toward the end of the fight with Thanos that shot a bolt of dread into our souls.

10 BEST: Captain Marvel Joins The Final Fight

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Captain Marvel appeared briefly at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame when the team first goes after Thanos. After that, she departs from Earth, hoping to maintain order on other planets post-Snap.

She makes an explosive return during the final fight against Thanos' past-army, taking on an entire warship on her own. She even wipes the floor with Thanos until he punches her in the face with the Power Stone. Still, even that was epic. It took the might of an Infinity Stone to take Captain Marvel out of the fight.

9 WORST: Nebula Eliminates Her Former Self

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Time travel can mess up a lot and leave audience members confused. Things get even more perplexing when alternate timelines are thrown into the mix. Nebula from the present and Nebula from the past get in a fight in the present, and the fights ends with present-Nebula shooting past-Nebula.

We honestly have no clue what the repercussions of her actions will mean for her character. Will Nebula cease to exist? Is there now an alternate timeline where Nebula is gone? It's best not to think about it too hard.

8 WORST: Longest Marvel Movie Ever

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Just as Thanos showed no mercy to the half of the universe he Snapped out of existence, Avengers: Endgame shows no mercy to the bladders of its viewers. The movie takes up three hours and two minutes. It is by far the longest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is good in that you get more bang for your buck. But if you are a frequent visitor to the bathroom, this movie spells your doom. Be prepared to hold any bodily waste for a long time if you don't want to miss important plot points.

7 BEST: Scarlet Witch Taking On Thanos Alone

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When Scarlet Witch was brought back from the dust of the Thanos Snap, she was extremely ticked off at Thanos. The last she had seen of him, he had been cruelly ending the life of her boyfriend, Vision. Once in the fight, she tore Thanos a new face for a good amount of time.

Watching Scarlet Witch use her powers to take on Thanos was one of the great moments of the film. She has been somewhat under-utilized compared to other Avengers in previous films, and it was nice to see her shine.

6 WORST: Gamora's Fate Remains Unknown

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Gamora met her demise in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos sacrificed her in order to get the Soul Stone. She does, however, make an appearance in Endgame. When Nebula travels to the past, she meets past-Gamora. And when past-Thanos brings his past-army to the present, past-Gamora comes with him.

She ends up turning against Thanos in this fight, but it is left unclear what became of her once Tony Snapped his fingers and dusted everyone in Thanos' past-army. Did she get dusted too? Did she travel back to her past? Ugh. Time travel.

5 WORST: No End Credits Scene

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Fans held their breaths once Avengers: Endgame's credits started to roll, eagerly anticipating an end credits scene. For the first time in the MCU's history, there was no end credits scene to tease the fans.

There was nothing except the bell-like peals of someone hammering on something metallic. This noise was a callback to the first Iron Man movie when Tony built his first suit. While that's a nice sentiment and all, fans clearly expected and wanted more.

4 BEST: Captain America Using Mjolnir

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Ever since that humorous scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Captain America almost lifted Mjolnir, fans have been clamoring for the First Avenger to wield Thor's mighty weapon. Endgame made those dreams come true in spectacular fashion.

When Thanos is fighting Thor, punching him to oblivion, Mjolnir suddenly whacks Thanos from behind. When he turns to see who hit him, what should we all see but Cap holding Mjolnir and using it like a pro. This moment garnered ecstatic roars from the audience as we saw how truly worthy Captain America was to use the power of Mjolnir.

3 WORST: Captain America's Retirement Plan

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After stealing the Infinity Stones from the past, the Avengers' plan was to return them at the exact moment they stole them. Once the final fight with Thanos is finished, this task falls to Captain America. With enough Pym Particles to make as many time-jumps as he needs to, the Avengers see him off on his solo errand.

However, instead of coming back to the present afterward, apparently, Cap decided to linger in the past for the rest of his life. This is sweet because he finally got to have that dance with Peggy Carter. But the repercussions to the timeline are...daunting, to say the least.

2 WORST: The Marvel Experience As We Know It Is Over

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The movie is called Endgame for a reason. This film represents the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we have known it thus far. All of the original Avengers are either gone or retired.

This is why there was hardly a dry eye in the theater when we went to go see it. Something that has been a part of our lives for eleven years is officially over, and the film never hesitates to remind you of that fact. Sure there will be the next phases of the MCU, but everyone knows it won't be the same.

1 BEST: The Fact That This Culmination Happened At All

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Yes, we are sad that this era of our lives has ended. That sadness is merited. But next to that sadness should be a deep and abiding joy that this "universe" happened at all.

For the longest time, superhero movies were looked down upon. No one could have predicted when the 2008 Iron Man released what it would grow into. So while we can be sad that the experience as we know it is over, we should be thankful and happy that it occurred and that we got to live through it.

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