'Avengers: Infinity War': 15 Extremely Convincing Fan Theories

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Basically, it's been in the making for 10 years, ever since the first Iron Man came out in 2008. Due to the fact that this movie involves so many characters and events, fans are looking forward to seeing it, and while waiting for it to release, they build new theories on what's going to happen in this film. They speculate on the whereabouts of the Soul Stone, the new identity of some characters, and on fate of major superheroes. Some of these theories sound crazy, but most of them are rather convincing. After hearing them, I can't help but think, "What if it's true?"

Now behold! The most solid fan theories about Infinity War that will help us prepare for the 27th of April!

15 Loki's End

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Loki is the character who's known for his ability to lie and pretend. Multiple times, he seemed to be fighting along with Thor, but then it'd turn out that he was pursuing his own interests and wasn't a friend.

Both Infinity War trailers showed us a little bit of Loki. In the first one, we saw him handing the Tesseract over to Thanos, while in the second one he was standing surrounded by the Black Order. A lot of fans think that it's a bad sign for the God of Mischief. It's likely that somehow he'll betray Thanos after giving him the stone and will be punished for it. Perhaps, we will finally see the proof that Loki isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I know for sure that if he dies in this movie (especially if he does for a good cause), all his fangirls will cry for days.

14 Resurrection Of All Villains

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In every MCU movie, there was a villain defeated by the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of these villains died while wielding (or trying to wield) an Infinity Stone. Red Skull (Captain America: First Avenger) was killed by Tesseract, or, as some fans suggest, he was transported to the other side of the universe. Malekith (Thor: The Dark World) died while attempting to use the Aether in order to restore the dominance of Dark Elves. Ronan (Guardians of the Galaxy) was killed with the help of the Orb. And, finally, the last android controlled by Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron) was destroyed with the help of Vision's Mind Stone.

Since all these villains are connected by Infinity Stones, there's a theory suggesting that when Thanos collects the stones, he might become able to resurrect them. Just imagine, if he does, we're going to see a huge and epic battle of good against evil.

13 Thor Gets A New Weapon

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In the second trailer, we saw Thor forging something, and many fans suggested that the God of Thunder was forging a new Mjolnir. However, filmmakers quickly disproved this theory saying that his hammer was destroyed forever. After it, fans came up with a new theory: Thor is going to get a new weapon, and it's going to be Jarnbjorn - the axe designed by Dwarfs and wielded by Thor in the comics.

Jarnbjorn had quite a few interesting characteristics. For example, it was indestructible and it also was the sharpest weapon that could cut anything, even the armors of Celestials. However, in the comics, Thor used the axe as his typical weapon to fight with frost giants, trolls, and dragons. It's interesting that in the movies they might have decided to grant Thor with Jarnbjorn after his hammer is destroyed.

12 The Soul Stone Is In Wakanda...

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Soul Stone is the only Infinity Stone whose location still remains unknown. Neither Thor: Ragnarok, nor Black Panther had any direct hints on the whereabouts of this stone. While some MCU fans are confused by this lack of information, others build convincing theories on where it could be hidden.

One of the theories suggests that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda and it is hidden inside the Vibranium meteorite. And it's possible that it helps the new King to communicate with his ancestors after coronation. Sounds convincing, because the Wakandans certainly need something special to get into the realm of dead souls.

If the Soul Stone is really in Wakanda, it also explains why Thanos decides to attack the African country first. He might know that the stone is there and send his army of Outriders to retrieve it. If it's true, will he succeed? We'll see soon.

11 ... Or Does Heimdall Have It?

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Another Soul Stone-related theory suggests that Heimdall has it. This theory is proved by two facts. First of all, Heimdall has the ability to view all living souls and send visions (as he did with Thor in Ragnarok). It's logical that this ability might be due to possessing the Soul Stone. And secondly, we know that the stone's color is orange, and Heimdall's eyes are also orange. So it's actually possible that this gem is somehow hidden inside the guardian of Asgard.

We also know that in the beginning of Infinity War, Thanos is going to attack the ship full of Asgardians. What if he does it not only to get Tesseract from Loki, but also to retrieve Soul Stone from Heimdall? So to say, the Mad Titan just wants to kill two stones with one bird.

10 Doctor Strange Might Use His Time Stone For A Good Reason

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As we know from Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme has one of the Infinity Stones. It's the Time Stone and it's hidden inside his pendant, called the Eye of Agamoto. Doctor Strange successfully used it to defeat his enemies in his solo movie. Now he's going to appear with it again, and it's likely that he's going to make use of the stone.

Since it's a Time Stone, it allows the Sorcerer Supreme to manage time and create loops. Therefore, even if some major heroes die (we'll talk about them in the next entries), Doctor Strange might be able to change the course of time, by coming back and helping them defeat Thanos. Is it only me, or does this theory sound interesting? It'd be unusual to see superheroes die, lose hope, and then see them alive again. Some fans may get emotional only thinking about it.

9 Captain America Will Die

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It's been confirmed that we should expect some major deaths in Infinity War. For this reason, there are different theories that suggest what superhero is the most likely to face their demise. Many people say that it's going to be Captain America.

However heartbreaking it is, it's rather logical. In fact, in Infinity War Steve Rogers won't come back as Captain America. He's going to get a new name: Nomad. It doesn't mean that he's not a superhero anymore. It just means that he's going to be, well, different. Rogers might have become even stronger than ever. We remember how he was able to withhold Thanos' attack in the second trailer. But it's unlikely that he's going to hold the Mad Titan's hand for a long time. Sooner or later, he's going to let go and... something bad might happen to him.

8 Or, Perhaps, Iron Man Will

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While half of MCU fans say that Captain America will be killed in Infinity War, others say that it's going to be Iron Man. The second Infinity War trailer kind of proves this theory, because we hear Thanos saying "I hope they remember you" and then we see Tony Stark in a complete mess. His suit is destroyed and his face looks really bad. Could it be the end of Iron Man? A lot of fans think that it could.

But, on the other hand, it could also be a trick to mislead us and make us think that Stark is going to die. After all, trailers rarely show the deaths of major characters. Or maybe it's just me disbelieving that my favorite superhero can die and wanting Iron Man to live forever...

7 We'll See More Of Hela

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Thor: Ragnarok introduced us to another strange member of Thor's family. It turned out that he had a sister, who was a Goddess of Death. In the end of the film, Thor came up with a plan to defeat this cruel woman, but did she really die? I mean, can a Goddess of Death die? Most likely not, and some fans suggest that we'll probably see her again.

This theory is proved by the fact that in the comics, Thanos had a relationship with a woman that was a physical manifestation of death. It can mean that showing the Goddess of Death prior to Thanos' arrival to the Earth wasn't coincidental. And it also means that Cate Blanchett might come back in Infinity War to support Thanos in his quest. If she does, the final battle is going to be even greater than we thought.

6 Scarlet Witch Has Always Been A Villain

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Throughout the first half of Age of Ultron, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) had been helping Hydra and then Ultron to defeat the Avengers. They blatantly stated that they blamed Tony Stark and others for the death of their parents. But when they learned about Ultron's true plan to destroy humanity, they immediately changed sides and decided that they had to help the Avengers.

But what if Wanda didn't suddenly become good? A fan theory suggests that she's been a villain all along. She only had a new plan to destroy the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Do you remember how Wanda messed up with the minds of most of them and made them feel awful afterwards? And after becoming one of them, she never admitted her fault and never said that Stark created Ultron because of her. Could it all be a part of her plan?

5 'Thanos' Is More Than A Name

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Thanos may seem to be a strange name, but what if it's not really a name at all, but an abbreviation of objects related to Infinity Stones? Let's see: 'T' can stand for the Tesseract, the blue cube that contains the Space Stone. 'A' is for the Aether that is considered to be the Reality Stone. 'N' is for necklace that contains the Time Stone (Doctor Strange is wearing it). 'O' is for the Orb that has the Power Stone. And 'S' is for the scepter that used to belong to Loki and that had the Mind Stone inside of it.

The only letter that is left is 'H', and the only stone whose location we don't know is the Soul Stone. As we know from two other theories, it must be either in Wakanda or Heimdall has it. In this case, 'H' can mean either "Heart of Wakanda" or "Heimdall."

4 Hawkeye Becomes A Ronin

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The fans of Hawkeye were surprised to see that neither of the Infinity War trailers showed Clint Barton. Does that mean that the Avengers will do without a member of their team? Of course we remember him promising his wife to quit fighting in Age of Ultron, but can he really do it when the whole universe is in danger?

A fan theory suggests that Hawkeye didn't put down his bow, but, in fact, he has a secret mission in Infinity War. It seems to be convincing, especially due to the fact that he's going to turn into Ronin in Avengers 4 (that will be released in 2019). New Avengers posters feature Hawkeye with a new haircut and a new suit that resembles that of Ronin, the hero's another alter-ego from the comics. Therefore, it's possible that we'll learn more about his mission in the movie.

3 Quicksilver Will Be Resurrected

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The enemy superheroes are going to face in Infinity War is going to be stronger than anyone else they ever fought before. For this reason, they will need as many strong characters as possible to defeat him, and if they need to resurrect some of them and they know how, they will certainly do it.

One of the heroes that could be of great help for them is Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch's twin brother with super-speed abilities. And the way to do it can be by using Doctor Strange's Time Stone, Reality Stone, or Soul Stone (if they get to find it). If you think that it's impossible even for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to resurrect the dead, remember how Agent Coulson was resurrected after Loki killed him in The Avengers. Isn't it likely that they will want to do it again?

2 Nebula's New BFF

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Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Nebula, said in an interview that her character is going to have a new friend in Infinity War. As soon as MCU fans heard this announcement, they began speculating who it could be. Some of them say that it could be Loki, because both of them share father-child issues and can understand each other. Others suggest that Nebula will make friends with Bucky, since both of them have metal arms and a troubled past. And some fans even say that Spider-Man will become Nebula's new BFF, because both of them are newcomers to their respective teams, and perhaps Spidey will help Nebula overcome her issues with help of his sense of humor.

All of these theories are good and we're looking forward to seeing who will befriend this weird blue-skinned girl!

1 There'll Be A New Captain America

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As we've discussed in one of the previous entries, Infinity War can become the last film for Captain America. And, perhaps, the change of Captain America won't necessarily involve Steve Rogers' death. We know that he's going to change his identity and become Nomad in the new film.

Anyway, it seems that someone is going to have to take on the role of Super Soldier. Fans theorize that it can be one of the two heroes who have been close to Rogers throughout the movies. In the comics, Cap eventually gets killed, and Bucky Barnes takes his role, but it can be different in the movies. Fans say that it's possible for Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, to become a new Cap, as well. But, in fact, I don't think that he's going to give up his wings and super-sight for a blue suit and a shield. What do you think about it?

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