Avengers: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Scarlet Witch And Vision’s Relationship

You don’t often think of Scarlet Witch and Vision when thinking about the couples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These two have been pretty under the radar in general, and their romance is too recent for people to place at the top of MCU couples like Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, or Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. However, you should be reminded that their romance was a focal point in Avengers: Infinity War; so much so that it directly impacted Thanos’ eventual win against the heroes at the end of the film. Still, Scarlet Witch and Vision aren’t the main characters of the series, so it’s easy to overlook them.

But you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice by not delving in further into their characterization since it’s likely these two will continue being in the MCU after Avengers: Endgame - due to the upcoming Disney+ series, WandaVision - and because there’s more than meets the eye with them. The romance was made official in Avengers: Infinity War, and people have been looking for clues that hinted toward this coupling beforehand; you’ll find these in the list below.

Although, there is also the fact that Scarlet Witch and Vision are as different as any couple you could imagine. The most obvious indicator is that he’s an android and she’s been imbued with the powers of the Mind stone – the artifact that gave birth to Vision.

Due to this, their relationship can be considered very bizarre – no matter how sweet you think it is – and there are dozens of things that don’t make sense about them. Read on further to find out more on Scarlet Witch and Vision’s romance.

20 She’s Older Than Him

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People have this perception of Wanda being a young girl, which makes them forget that she’s of legal age and isn’t so young anymore. What’s more is that her romantic partner is almost a full two decades younger than her!

Wanda is implied to be in her mid-twenties by the time of Avengers: Infinity War, and Vision was only born in 2015. So, in a weird case from the norm, the “much older” partner in the relationship is in her twenties, but is seven times the age of her significant other.

19 Being In Love Made Her Weaker

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The Scarlet Witch we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War was several times stronger than the one in Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, Scarlet Witch’s only powerful contribution was when she interjected herself in the battle, but even that was a boneheaded decision since she left Vision unguarded.

She also couldn’t defend him when attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, whereas she’d been seen to be a master at enchanting opponents in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The simple answer is that she’s gone soft due to being in love.

18 Being In Love Made Him Weaker Too

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This goes without saying; of all the characters in Avengers: Infinity War, Vision was definitely among the most useless – right up there with Star-Lord and the Hulk. All he did during the entire film was be baggage for the heroes, and he could never defend himself.

If you argue he got attacked, which was why he was weak, then go back and revisit times when he’d faced similar circumstances but had quickly healed himself. Basically, Vision put his feelings for Scarlet Witch first every time, and he didn’t use his android mind to enhance his powers.

17 He Was Always In Love With Her

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Now that you’ve gotten the context of them being in love in Avengers: Infinity War, you can go back and see their previous interactions and note that Vision always had a soft spot for Scarlet Witch. Even in their earliest interaction in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision can be seen tenderly surveying her.

In Captain America: Civil War, while Vision was cordial to everyone, he was mostly around Scarlet Witch. He’s always next to her, looking for reasons to talk to her, and not ever his stoic self when around her.

16 He Broke Sokovia Accords For Her

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Tony Stark said Vision was evolving, and he was certainly right since Vision ignored all logic and reasoning to turn his back on the Sokovia Accords. In Captain America: Civil War, Vision didn’t like the idea of the accords, but then gave a valid reason for oversight over the Avengers, signifying he thought sound logic trumped being controlled over.

However, as Scarlet Witch was on Captain America’s side, Vision switched sides later on and outright abandoned the Avengers. His feelings meant he switched off the android reasoning capabilities that were natural to him.

15 Their Love Was The Reason Thanos Got The Last Stone

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You can say that, along with Star-Lord, Vision and Scarlet Witch were the secret antagonists of Avengers: Infinity War. That’s because they kept putting their love first and the universe second. Then again, maybe you could excuse Vision since he did want the Mind Stone destroyed on his forehead, but he did also cave when she pressured him to go with her plan.

Had Scarlet Witch destroyed the stone much earlier on, there would’ve been no way for Thanos to reassemble Vision since he wouldn’t have known where to turn back time. So yeah, these two were responsible for the snap victims as well.

14 How They Survived As Fugitives Is A Mystery

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Seriously, though, how did they survive by themselves? Tony Stark said Vision had stopped communicating with him for weeks, while Captain America mentioned they’d disappeared from his radar as well.

Vision might not need food to survive, but both he and Wanda did need places to stay. So how were they managing that? How did they each have identities to go around since Wanda was in the continent illegally and had no resources to fake an ID, while Vision never has had an ID at all?

13 Why Does She Cook For Him?

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Why does she cook whatever her special dish is for him when he doesn’t have to eat? We were shown them making dinner in Captain America: Civil War, where she was making her special Paprika dish – but why would he care since he’s an android?

Even more, what were their dates like seeing as going to dinner was redundant as she’d have been eating and he’d only been staring at her?

12 Their Partnership Is Bad

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These two are supposed to be the most powerful Avengers on the team and couldn’t even beat Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight, neither of which have any special powers.

They were supposed to be a battle couple in Avengers: Infinity War, but were extremely poor when it came time to actually fight. In the end, they got beaten, and needed the assistance of Captain America and co. to save them. It’s weird since Vision and Scarlet Witch had previously destroyed vibranium-based Ultron singularly.

11 He Tried To Eavesdrop On Captain America

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It was made to look like an innocent mistake, but when Vision walked in on Captain America and Scarlet Witch’s conversation in her bedroom, it was clear Vision knew they were in there. And that’s because he’s a super-evolving android and it makes no sense why he wouldn’t be able to hear what they were talking about.

Of course, Vision was mainly there to inform Steve that Ross had arrived, but later on he did try to steer Wanda into the same conversation she’d been having with Steve, which means he overheard what the conversation had been.

10 He Didn't Care About Boundaries

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Let’s continue talking about Vision walking through the wall of Wanda’s room some more. The main thing you can take away from that is that Vision felt he was so comfortable around Wanda that he could simply walk into her private room!

Looks like Vision either had no room for boundaries, or he was trying to make Wanda feel as if he was more than welcome in her private quarters. Seeing as he was successful in wooing her, does anyone think Vision planned to barge into her room so she’d be accustomed to him?

9 Losing Vision Was As Bad As Losing Pietro For Wanda

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Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were twins and only had each other since they were children. This made it understandable why she went totally destructive in Avengers: Age of Ultron, after Quicksilver’s demise, but she seems to have moved on quite well since her brother was never mentioned again.

Was this because being in love with Vision made her come back from her depression and feel something once more? Then again, being just as shattered for losing a recent boyfriend compared to losing your brother is pretty weird.

8 He Kept His Human Visage Even In Private

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This is one of those things that’ll have you question everything about their relationship. Scarlet Witch must have had no problems with Vision’s android form since she knew him first like that, then why was she with his human form when they were alone?

It makes it seem like he only took on his human form to please her, which doesn’t make Scarlet Witch look like the all-accepting love interest she's depicted as since as she should prefer his real form as that’s who he is. If she does accept his true form, then why the heck was he in human visage when they were all alone?

7 It’s Impossible To Know What Kind Of Children They Would Have

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In the comics, these two did have children; but the comics have taken things to ridiculous scales, something that won’t be happening in the MCU. This brings up the question as to how these two would even have children.

Since they became lovers, it’s obvious Vision can do what’s required, but does he have the means to create a child? A non robotic one, mind you. The MCU is far more grounded than the comics are so it's likely the answer is a resounding "no."

6 They Could Never Be Together Forever

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After Odin’s demise, it’s clear that there is an afterlife in the MCU, which means Vision and Scarlet Witch will never be together forever. No matter if he’s reassembled and she’s resurrected, they can only be together when alive as Vision doesn’t have a soul.

When Wanda meets her demise, she’ll move on into the afterlife, but Vision’s time is restricted to however long he’s online. This means these two aren’t soulmates, seeing as you first need a soul to qualify for this.

5 She Witnessed His Birth

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If someone told you they’d seen their romantic partner’s birth, you’d be rather disgusted, wouldn’t you? Then be prepared to come upon this realization with Scarlet Witch and Vision as she was there on hand to witness him being born.

Funnily enough, Scarlet Witch didn’t even want him to be born in the first place as she’d arrived there to stop Tony and Bruce from bringing Vision to life. This means not only did she see her romantic partner be born; she originally didn’t want him to exist.

4 She Lost Her Accent Because Of Him

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Well, what other explanation can you come up with, really? In Avengers: Infinity War, Scarlet Witch doesn’t even remotely sound like someone from Sokovia, which is somewhere around Russia. Instead, she now has an American accent; that’s even weirder since she was supposed to be hiding in Europe.

The only explanation is that being in love with Vision made her go rather kookoo, and she began experimenting with different accents as part of her personality change. Either that, or Elisabeth Olsen just couldn’t bother with the accent anymore.

3 She Wanted Ultron To Inhabit Vision's Body

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For those who’ve forgotten what happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch’s original intention was for Vision’s body to come to life – with Ultron’s conscience in it. Yup, that’s a nice story to tell their future children. Mom was looking for a genocidal maniac A.I. to inhabit dad's body.

This also means that Scarlet Witch has technically been romancing the body of Ultron rather than Vision. It’s all pretty weird, and it’s best not to think on it too much as it’ll completely ruin your perception of this coupling.

2 He Was Prepared To Fight The Government For Her

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Being in love really messed up the logical part of Vision's mind. Not only did he turn his back on the Sokovia accords, he was prepared to disregard them right from the start if the need arose. This was seen during Captain America: Civil War where Wanda ponders over the possibility of the world’s governments coming after her.

Vision instantly, without a thought, said they would protect her if a situation like this came up, which means he was prepared to fight the governments of the world just to protect Scarlet Witch; not a great plan considering that would’ve started a global war.

1 He Was The Final Casualty Linked To Her

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Unfortunately for Vision, he wasn’t the exception when it came to being close to Scarlet Witch. Just recapping her history will show you that whoever she has a connection with ends up perishing. Her parents passed when she was little, after which her brother passed away in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

She even had a sort of friendship with Ultron, and he was destroyed. Finally, Vision survived the films he wasn’t in a romance with her, only to meet his end in the movie where he was in a relationship with Scarlet Witch; making him her final casualty.

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