Baby Boy Survives Under The Rubble Of Apartment Collapse In Russia

Almost 40 people died in an apparent gas explosion that ended up tearing through an apartment building in the Russian town Magnitogorsk. In the days after the initial blast, the rescuers managed to find six survivors, which included a small baby.

The rescue teams finally completed the search operation of the site, after they found 39 bodies where the apartment building was located, according to Russia’s Ministry of Emergencies. However, there are two people who are still considered as missing.

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While clearing out all of the rubble from the blast, the rescuers ended up finding a baby after they heard its cries inside the rubble of the complex, which was around 35 hours after the gas blast. This 10-month-old rescued baby is named Ivan and managed to survive the overnight temperatures of the town, which fell into the negatives, reaching up to -16 degrees Fahrenheit (-27 degrees Celsius).

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According to the rescue teams, the child ended up staying alive mostly thanks to its location, which was still in its crib, and due to the fact that it was also warmly wrapped up. The teams had to stop their search operation for a little while so that they could remove and stabilize a section of the building that was in danger of collapsing and leading to further danger. Meanwhile, the rescuers were also trying to pull apart the concrete panels of the ruined building, so that they could get to the baby.

The boy’s mother also survived the collapse, and they were reunited at the local hospital. The Russian Ministry of Health stated that the boy had suffered serious frostbite, along with a head injury and multiple fractures and that he is going to be moved for further treatment in a hospital in Moscow.

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Only six people were rescued from the rubble, which includes the mother and her son. Additionally, 37 of the total number of residents of the building had still not been accounted for, but the hopes of finding other survivors were quickly diminished due to the harsh cold weather. Finally, the regional governor, Dubrovsky, declared a day of mourning due to the lives that were lost and all events were canceled.

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