This Baby And Cat Could Not Be Cuter

Babies and animals. Unless you have a heart made entirely of stone, chances are good that you find these two subjects endearing. Even on the worst day, a photo or video of a cute baby or a cute animal is sure to encourage a smile. Combine the two? That's a surefire recipe for delightful overload. A Facebook page called "Animalkind Stories" shared a video on Monday and the sheer adorable sweetness of the video's contents caused the post to have 3.4k shares and 1.5 million views since yesterday not to mention a massive amount of likes, hearts, and laughing/crying emojis.

The contents consist of a sweet baby boy named Max and his equally sweet feline friend whose name is currently unknown. As Max sat in his bouncy chair, the song "Just Around The Riverbend" from the animated movie "Pocahontas" played loudly in the background. Max leaned his head back and seemed to relax to the song while hugging the small striped kitten. The look on the baby's face was so peaceful and content, it melted the heart of many Facebook users.


One Facebook user commented, "Adorable. Teach them to love and respect animals at a very young age." Another one replied, "This is too cute for words!" Some users thought that it was so sweet that mother had the Disney classic movie "Pocahontas" playing in the background.

Every once in a while, Max's tiny fingers curl and uncurl, petting and comforting the small cat. At one point in the video, the baby's mother asks, "Max? Hey, do you like the kitty kat?" Upon hearing his mother's voice, Max and the kitten both lift their heads up at the same time and gaze sleepily at the camera before relaxing again.


It's pretty clear that this is one boy who will grow up to be a bonafide animal lover. We predict great things for this tiny duo in the future and we can only hope that Max's mom will have her camera ready to catch more of the cuteness that is sure to come about when these two sweetie pies are together.

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