Freeloading Baby Raccoon Disrupts Traffic To Hitch A Ride In Stranger's Car

Freeloading Baby Raccoon Takes A Trip To London

A freeloading baby raccoon got a free ride to London, Ontario after getting stuck in a car’s wheel well.

Is there any creature lazier than the raccoon? They don’t hunt for a single scrap they eat. Instead, they “forage” through our dumpsters in the dead of night and just eat our leavings. How incredibly lazy.

Now it seems that raccoons are bumming rides off us too, as one Canadian news story describes it.

Early Sunday afternoon, Sally Hartung was driving from the small town of St. Marys Ontario when she noticed that traffic in front of her was slowing, and then stopping. It turned out a troop of baby raccoons had blocked the road after one of their numbers had become injured. Both lanes of traffic were stopped as drivers got out of their cars to try and coach the raccoons to safety.

“They all went together, except for this one little fellow,” said Sally to Global News. “He looked like he had a sore foot, so he wasn’t sure where to go. And he ended up jumping up on the wheel of my vehicle, and was up in there hugging the tire.


“We were trying to coax him out, and explain to him that he had to go with his family. But he was not interested.”

From the outside, it might’ve looked like a family of raccoons beset from all sides by a confusing and often deadly human world, but we know the truth: this was all a ruse so that one little freeloader could hitch a ride.

Safely ensconced in Ms. Hartung’s wheel well, there was nothing she could do to get the little guy to come out. She drove on for a bit, then stopped, then drove further to stop again and see if the raccoon had changed its mind. It hadn’t.

via Global News

She got all the way to London, Ontario before she finally decided to pull in to a Mr. Lube and get some professional help.

Manning the store that day was Cody Loffhagen, a Mr. Lube employee and animal lover. Once informed of her unwanted passenger, Cody got his mechanic’s gloves, took off the wheel to Sally’s car, and reached in to pluck the little furball from behind the plastic cover of her wheel well.

From St. Marys to London completely free of charge. The baby raccoon even got an all expenses paid trip to the Heaven's Wildlife Rescue on top of the free ride.

Raccoons have it good, man.


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